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Monday, March 18, 2013

Filming began TODAY.

It's 18-March-2013!!!!  Happy first day of filming Sherlock season 3!

About spoilers for series 3, the Baker Street Babes remind us that not everyone wants to be spoiled.  Honor that as best you can; if you are a spoilery sort, do put it up on top of your tumblr, blog, etc.  Use tags!

There's a blocking app for tumblr too, if you happen to want some help in blocking posts there.

Into the Hive Mind -- a lovely in-depth article about the fandom that waited, full of great links and well worth your time to read.  You might need to take breaks; it's 5k words and very detailed.

The spoiler zone for season 3 starts here:

We know what s3e1 is called!  (Yes, it's deliberately obscured by being linked instead of spelled out.)  Fool that I am, I was still awake a few minutes after Mark Tweeted that.

Of course I got hyper -- more hyper! -- and am about to get to bed considerably later than I'd planned.

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