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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My stuff -- plus Team Sherlock links.

Everyone, if you have a tumblr account, I'd be much obliged if you could please post my London crowdfund link there.  And Bea has put it on her tumblr too; any reblogs are much appreciated!

I won't be at the BBC, so I cannot promise you any autographs from Team Sherlock, alas.

For fans of sf/f, Worldcon will have lots of authors present.  I can get their autographs.

I may bring this up a few more times, but I'd rather keep this blog for its usual purpose -- Team Sherlock.  I appreciate your patience, my dears.

So... back to Team Sherlock!

And for German fans, there's a new fan site, Martin Freeman Germany.

Sherlock series 4 announcement: How did the internet react? at Wales Online.

And via Cumberbuddy's tumblr, the legions -- not kidding! -- of charities Ben is involved with.  Here's my list of the 2014 charities for his birthday on 19-July.

Psst, Batch of Kindness has passed 1200 people who are participating in 70+ countries!

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