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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Shipping and John/Mary speculation

Found via this Tweet by Hannah.

Since the snow's over -- for now -- this is even more delightful.

Because there should be a little gentle Mystrade, have the Balletlock (from fka mystradedoodles).

And since we're talking about shipping anyway, here's a tumblr user who wants to know why anyone thinks a Mrs. Watson would change anything in Johnlock from s3 onward.  And colsmoran wrote this before s3 came out, in case you're wondering.  My very favorite line is "The funny thing about shipping is that it’s 99% imagination and 1% input from the actual source." for which Callie-Ariane ought to be enshrined for sharing with us, since colsmoran's direct tumblr link for this is gone.

I don't ship overall.  Accepting one writer's ship whose writing works for me does not count as a ship in my book, but YMMV.  8)  The blogger caffienekitty says "about 70% of the fanfic" involves shipping in her initial picspam, and I believe her.

But you may ship, and very possibly do.

Feel free to disagree with me, but this is our fandom.  We share it.  No breaking the communal toys for anyone else, my dears.  Please!

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