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Friday, September 28, 2012

Really a lot of Mycroft, plus SH vids and BC pics.

Cumberbatched moments:  Some gorgeous Guillambatch.  Starting SHARE sequence.  Yummy Batch photo set.

Audio Batch:  Performs reading for Friendly Fires album.

Fan art:  Mrs Hudson took my skull.  Sherlock says, Watch my bow.  Hey girl poster of Sherlock.

Have a giggle about the notorious Holmes-Watson gang.  (You thought I was making that up, admit it!)

A nice Queen fan vid, Sherlock: Don't stop me now by VernalWillow -- full of some of the most loving images of Sherlock in season 1.  Mmmm!

Which leads of course to Bohemian, I mean Sherlockian Rhapsody by lotrfan2888!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pics, Johnlock, music, and... romance?

Cumberbatched moments:  Have a great night! solemn in black and white and if Benedict were a teacher.

If you had missed Martin's TV Tropes page, do read it.  If you hadn't seen some of the memes off tumblr, TV Tropes will guide you.  :D

Fan art:  Johnlock.  One of my very favorite bits from Sherlock to Mycroft, in Study.  Another flavor of Johnlock:  hacking!  Another Keep Calm poster.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Baskerville rewatch; Scandal next & Emmys today!

Did Baskerville rewatch until quite late -- joined by SherlockCares.  :D  I had a few breaks in there.  Twitter decided after I came back from supper that hey, no more Tweets for me!  Argh!

Then a half hour later, since I hadn't given up, Twitter surrendered.  HootSuite might even post the scheduled Tweets I tried to post around 10.40pm, who knows.  Maybe it's gone mad also.  o.O

A harvest of images and art.

Sherlocked moments in artwork -- a truly amazing bust of our Great Detective.

Cumberbatched moments: A gentleman in brown, with hat, in something called Parade's End. Looking quite fine at some awards ceremony somewhere. Spiffy, even down to sneakers.

Spoiler zone / season 2

The inner workings of Irene Adler's mind... thanks to The Whip Hand herself.

Tumblr: Sherlocked purple versus white photo set. Madness and theories.

Fan art: The three Derps.  Shipping 'toon (aka "We're not a couple"). Take my hand poster. Anderson nearby?

John as seen by Sherlock in Baskerville: Before coffee is drunk, a thought balloon.