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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Indeed: Happy birthday to you, Benedict!

We did it!  #HappyBirthdayBenedictCumberbatch did light up the Twitterscape, says Radio Times.

Plus, today was the news of Team Sherlock's many Emmy nominationsBBC Sherlock got thirteen, yes!  (Downton Abbey's are in there too.)  Go, Team Sherlock!!!

A rousing well done to us!  
Fans all over the world Tweeted.  And blogged, and made cake, and had parties... and found that today was a day when our Twitter feeds lit up with one man's name.  

Let alone made videos and sent cards and did a millard other things.  

As the day's not over yet in the New World, there's another 8 hours to go.  :D 

The charity project to celebrate Benedict's birthday -- @Cumberbatchweb's been raising money against teen cancer as their fandom gift -- is past a whopping eight thousand GBP.  Yes, you read that right:  £8000!

Eight hours ago, it was just past £7300.

A friend of his Tweets Benedict's response.  

There has been much cake and rejoicing.  Happy Cumberday to us all, and especially to Benedict.  We do love you, birthday boy.  <3  Many more happy returns to you, Benedict.

The Johnlock post for my many shipper friends. :)

Because I promised Gita.  :D  So here's the first post; this is too short to be enough, I'm sure.

Amelia's Johnlock moment at the Pool.  Courtesy of Benedict and Andrew's bet.  (... did you think I was making THAT up?  really not... )  And of course we don't talk much, do we?  ;P  More fuel for the shipping fire and also here.

A Martin moment for those in need.  

Present Danger, fan fic for Sherlock's birthday.  (And how did John get Sherlock to tell when his birthday was, I wonder?)

An insight from John about Sherlock in Banker, which of course leads to trouble later.  :)

SPOILERS for Series 2, this paragraph onlyThat bit in the Palace that every shipper loves.  Against that, there's John's constant plaint that no shipper seems to believe.

Today's post mostly brought to you by tumblr.  Thanks for so many links via the lovely SherlockStuff tumblr!

And because it's Benedict's birthday today -- happy 36th birthday, Benedict! -- so we might as well have it now, right?  RadioTimes and many others wish you very happy all over Twitter; Loo Brealey noted that her TL has exploded with them, in fact.  :)  

I can do another post later, when I've restored all my Twitter and tumblr access.  I promise.  Scout's honor!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Post number 70.

(So yeah... if I end up scribbling down some quick thoughts here and there... you know now that I couldn't not do it.  Besides, the last post was number 69, so obviously I need to post another...)

Linkage to come in future days, less than 14 now.  :)

ETA on 20-July-2012:

This post looks lonely without links in it, so I'll paste in ones that I can't look at until my rationing's over.  (Unless I misbehave and use my tablet to peek.  Hmmm.)

Story prompt: Moriarty?

So, after I said this would go dormant... I had an Idea.  I have a lot of those.

A story prompt if you like.

Moriarty.  What made him go mad? 

Because he is mad, and, God help us, not in a good way.

FYI:  I'm bipolar myself, so yes, I do know people can be mentally ill.  But I also believe people can go insane. 

There's a lovely series by Barbara Hambly... in it, one madman explains what happened to him. 

He is wicked, evil, cruel, and in no way a nice person.  But you feel for him then.  You grieve for what happened to him.  It makes me wonder, could something have happened to JM?  What would it have been??

Insanity is when 2 + 2 does not equal 4, but instead equals 5.  

In other words, when reality cannot be explained as it normally is, or by the usual rules.  When your reality doesn't match what everyone else perceives.

So if anyone writes something about this, I'd be fascinated.  Possibly horrified too, but that won't stop me from reading. 

SPOILER WARNING:  I love the Antryg Windrose Chronicles.  Particularly Antryg himself.  Don't read anything about them beforehand if you don't want to be spoiled!  And yes, people do talk about things while reviewing Book 2 which WILL spoil Book 1.

If you have read the series, someone wrote up a diagnosis of Antryg.   There is fanfic about him and his world, which I did not know. 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Hiatus through 30-July: radio silence.

Okay, I have to go on hiatus for the next fortnight, which means this blog will go (ETA to correct: MOSTLY) silent. 

I will miss doing this terribly.  I enjoy storing Sherlock links.  But I can restart my fan-blogging when my work's been delivered.  

Anyone who wants to send me Sherlock links on Twitter is welcome, or you can leave them here in comments if you like.  I can't promise anything will be posted sooner than 31-July, however.  Sorry!

I'm also blocking my access to Twitter (and tumblr and LJ) for all but 30 minutes a day, starting today.

There's a few reasons for both the Tweet diet and the dormant blog:

1]  I have a freelance project due in two weeks.  I need to get it done.  Absolutely must.

2]  It's not just Twitter (and the ever-lovely Sherlock fandom) that's been distracting me.  :)

I've also got a work-related trip coming up -- a working vacation, if you like -- the end of August.  So I've been doing things like luggage shopping and other travel plans.

3]  I tend to work nights and sleep days.  This is not what most people do.  Since our neighbor is building a house next door, you can imagine how poorly I've been sleeping.  Plus, I have insomnia on/off.

I happen to get more work done at night, and I prefer night anyway, but this doesn't change the way the world works.  

Anyone who's been reading, please do keep doing thingsVote for Lara at Anglo; that ends on Benedict's birthday -- this Thursday in fact, 19-July.

We wanted to get #WeLoveBenedictCumberbatch trending on Twitter for Thursday.  Go for it!

The cancer charity project for Benedict's birthday is 428% past its target goal...  And you have until 31-July to join the Martin Freeman project.

Plus, if you hadn't voted for Sherlock and Mal Reynolds as TV's Best Bad Boy, hurry.  You can only vote once (yes, I've tried more, sue me).

Catch... you... later!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Film and TV news, TWO polls, plus RP.

You need a funny after watching Great Game, didn't you?  Here's backstage scenes from the Pool.  Thanks to the darling Gita!

Benedict Cumberbatch’s dual ‘Simpsons’ role revealed.

Sherlock poster.  This pic could make an interesting poster... maybe Uh, hello, Sherlock (on expressions to avoid)!  Some other RedBubble shirts you might like, ordered by another fine Twitter user. 

SDCC 2012: Jonny Lee Miller on talking to Benedict Cumberbatch about Sherlock Holmes. Star Trek news from Comic-Con.  From Cumberbatchweb:  Benedict's father Timothy has a part in Parade's End, and speaking briefly to Benedict's mother. 

Cumberbatched moments:  Perfection in a beige jumperVenive Blond Batch.  Same suit, different poseDistracted by Benedict yet? 

Our lovely Lara Pulver.  :)

Almost ALL swag, spoilers, Lara up for Anglo.

I want a Sherlock shirt.  So, although I'll probably use the fantastic HF Fangirl image, since its creator gave me permission... I was looking at RedBubble.

RedBubble... oodles of swag!  Starting with someone else's Reichenbach Support Group!  :)

Cumberbatched set: 
Get Cumberbatched -- OCD -- Addiction -- HF Fangirl (variation) -- (descriptive Batch shirt) -- Eggs... sort of -- Batch variations -- Cumberhugs! -- Cumberbatched -- Benedict drawing -- Peter Guillam.

Sherlock's message plan -- Sherlock texting John and GL in Study -- the (in)famous psychopath line.

Keep Calm... -- Series 3 -- Sherlock quotes -- Moriarty's threat.

Sherlock Society quiz -- joke between Martin and Benedict -- Bandersnatch Cummerbund.

More swag after the break!