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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fan art of all the eps; why not?

Cumberbatched:   Ben taking the time to wish Caitlyn happy birthday.  In a beret, a smiling Batch signing.  I'm bringing SexyBatch.

Most of this is s2, sometimes mixed with s1 -- so here's the spoiler zone:

Sherlock and John -- friends forever photoset/poster.

Sherlocked:  "Everybody after watching Sherlock..."  Beautiful ethereal Sherlock.  A different variation on that same theme.

Trek spoiler zone.  Not very spoilery nor funny, but it is 2013 Trek:  AngryBatch from STID.  "Shall we begin?"

Cabin Pressure spoilers if you haven't heard this eps (as I have not):  CabinLock:  a mashup of Sherlock gifs with Cabin Pressure.  Like you do.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Little Favour, spoilers, fan art... whee.

A Sherlock cake from deviantart.  :D

Cumberbatched:  Married to guess who! (Really the only good part of The Other Boelyn Girl.)  Ben smiling, with Little Favour haircut.

If you didn't know, Little Favour is filming right now.  Ben did a brief video update on Adam's YouTube page 17-May-13.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mostly light setlock... mostly.

Still setlock, but except for That Guy, not too spoilery.  I think.

Setlock HUG!  Both our boys, a double pic in costume.

Ben in his beret but otherwise in costume, including scarf.  John Watson in front of 221B.

Not very setlock, these two, but I feel Martin's been much neglected.  I haven't seen much of him in setlock land at all, seems like.

Martin as John here with shades and also here, looking away.

Including a convo between Arwel Wyn Jones and Loo here... the image also shows Martin in his green coat -- yes, that one from the Pool!

It's THAT GUY again!  Smiling.  Feeling conspiratorial yet, fandom?

Possible spoilers inside the Cultbox s3 news summary.