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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mostly light setlock... mostly.

Still setlock, but except for That Guy, not too spoilery.  I think.

Setlock HUG!  Both our boys, a double pic in costume.

Ben in his beret but otherwise in costume, including scarf.  John Watson in front of 221B.

Not very setlock, these two, but I feel Martin's been much neglected.  I haven't seen much of him in setlock land at all, seems like.

Martin as John here with shades and also here, looking away.

Including a convo between Arwel Wyn Jones and Loo here... the image also shows Martin in his green coat -- yes, that one from the Pool!

It's THAT GUY again!  Smiling.  Feeling conspiratorial yet, fandom?

Possible spoilers inside the Cultbox s3 news summary.

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