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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mostly visuals... and fan directory

Three posters from merlocked, via @K : Benedict on set, dressed as Sherlock; Martin and Benedict snickering; Moriarty's thought balloon. A Sherlock poster from Kelsey.

Sherlock provides this marketing ploy for fans of John.  Also a moment from The Great Game.

Another shot of Benedict's color-morphing eyes.

Hmmm, someone in the Commonwealth [I can tell by the spelling], who isn't a shipper.  I'm not either, but I don't quite agree with the final example.  Remember the introductory picspam: But really, they're just flatmates. (Unless you're reading about 70% of the fanfic.)

Oh yes, I'd like to say now that I fervently believe everything the Final Problem says on her tumblr [except when she's joking, of course].  Baker Street Babes has a Sherlock Fan Directory too!

Okay, I may be offline for the rest of this weekend; I'm off pet-sitting.  May make it onto Twitter... or maybe not, depending on technology cooperating. I'm sure I'll be back harvesting links next week.  :)  Have a good weekend, my dear fellow Sherlockians!

Friday, June 22, 2012

War Poetry, BC's charity, and other things.

So, there was this poster of Sherlock. To which I made a comment about his signal -- and thus got this most excellent response!

(ETA:  If I ever need to find this blinkin' signal again, I hope it won't take me about 20 minutes of searching!)

Sherlock tumblrs by my friends: The Ultimate Crime Solvers and MyAccountHasNoName. :) And Bookish Charms came off tumblr as well.

Pics of Sherlock examining and Sherlock (arguing via laptop), and a Sherlock and John shirt; Holly advises looking at, since qwertee [her source] only sells shirts for 24 hours apiece.

Comment about Reichenbach; a bit of heresy, but quite understandable from a Sherlockian POV. :D

Great quotes from Baskerville; skip this if you haven't seen season 2 yet!

Come 12-July-2012, Benedict reads war poetry at Cheltenham Music Festival.

Birthday project for Benedict
: The cancer charity raising money is 149% past their target goal as of this moment.

Also, remember to keep voting over at Anglo Favorites! Martin looks to be winning handily, but Benedict is barely keeping ahead of his competition.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Update, Martin's project, and linkses.

Do you want to tell Martin Freeman something? Did you know there's a Martin Freeman Project? On Tumblr use this site, and send Twitter posts to: @Mfreemanproject with tag #MartinFreemanProject.

and Martin are in the Quarter Finals over at Anglo Fan Favorites. [I'm sorry, I like Colin Firth, but I had to vote for Martin.] Somehow I get the feeling that Benedict and Martin will be going against each other in this soon. :)  You can vote every day, remember!

Anderson got his own poster, via @K_Estep13. Best part is whose quote got used!

This Benedict pic
[via @amelia221b] reminds me of a particular Ellery Queen story. One of my very favorites, in fact.

I'd like to say that I've met all sorts of lovely Sherlockians like Kelsey and Amelia online (and who share pictures and other links with me so readily). Darlings, every one!

The changing face of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson
by a previous [and famous] Watson.

A pic of Lara, and then a moment between Sherlock and Irene.

From 2010/2011: Benedict Cumberbatch: The Fabulous Baker Street Boy. From today: Sherlock actor Benedict Cumberbatch plans to play Hamlet.

Update: I have work in, a nice book-job that I'm dying to start, so I mayn't be on Twitter much, and I suspect I'll be posting here, um... half as much. We'll see, eh?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

More Sherlockcandy... and a contest.

You see, but do you observe? Sherlockology's got a little competition going. Do go try it out. :)

Last night I found My Love Affair with Sherlock. (Link broken as of August 2013.)  It is SO COOL. Funny, clever, and full of interesting bits with the Sherlock cast and crew. Definitely Sherlock candy.

Cosplay for houses: 221B

Rex Stout's detective Nero Wolfe is another possible distraction for Sherlock fans. A&E did a brilliant short series if you haven't seen it.

The picspam is hilarious, in case you haven't read it; see blog's top corner for links. In Baskerville: "Oh come on, Sherlock, own up and take your thumping like a gentleman."

Note from @The_Whip_Hand, including picture of Lara Pulver.

Last, the Sherlock drinking game. Take sips! You must survive to 2013 for season 3, remember.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Birthday charity, awards, &c

"Baker Street: BBC Sherlock" fan vid, all music, no dialog. How John and Sherlock's friendship changes them. Warning: This may make you cry after Reichenbach Day.

Sherlock fan art: OOC reactions and moments in coloring.

Really incredible pic of Benedict, then playing mannequin, and another smile while looking very fine.

A 'toon of John meeting Sherlock.

Posters from Scandal: Sherlock in their flat and his bluff in the palace.

One Benedict Cumberbatch birthday project; plus another, a cancer charity through Cumberbatchweb [yes, there are several projects].

A pic of Martin as John. And that leads to: F*** You I won a BAFTA: Martin Freeman, of course.

Way back before the world got Sherlocked, Martin and Benedict got interviewed in August 2010.

Even the New Yorker Culture blog likes BBC Sherlock. :D

At the 2012 Critics Choice awards tonight, Sherlock and Benedict Cumberbatch won as best movie/miniseries and best actor in movie/miniseries. :)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Visuals, Anglo contests, and SH comic.

Hurting for John? My friend Kelsey pointed me to this Sherlock comic, BUT THEN. I really think this page captures it, but you may want to read them all. It's tumblr, so if you're unfamiliar with tumblr, first slide down the page and then back up.

Over at Anglo Fan Faves, Benedict is handily defeating his opponent, but Martin needs more support!!

Note that you can only vote once per day! it looks at your IP. :) [Yes, I did try, that's how I know.] However, I also voted for Colin Firth and Neil Gaiman, so I spread the goodness around. Besides, I like Neil a lot, he really is one of the nicest people on Planet Earth. Here's his tumblr post.

If Sherlock was anime.

Two through the BBC: Some 2010 thoughts by Mark Gatiss on Sherlock -- just two days before the show first aired -- and Sherlock: A Perspective on Technology and Story Telling.

A poster of the Greek zodiac of Sherlock characters and another poster pulled from the unaired pilot.

Several pics of Benedict looking suave with Dan Stevens (Matthew Crowley); and all casual while displaying his great smile; then dressed up for GQ and still smiling; and being made up. :)

And someday, although today too does not appear to be that day, I will get Youtube to play the entirety of Matt Smith and Benedict Cumberbatch present Steven Moffat's Special BAFTA Award - BBC One for me. But... alas, not today. =mutters darkly=

I have to say, from what I did hear of their speech, they must have practiced quite a lot to be so smooth. :D Very classy.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lots! Visuals, PBS, RF, noms...

PBS reminds US residents about the countdown before Sherlock stops streaming (20-June!) on their website.

Guess who's on the catwalk for GQ today? Bet you have some idea. Barefoot.

A great ego 'toon of Sherlock: oh, John, back to astronomy AGAIN?

Fabulous interview: Lara Pulver: The infamous 111-second scene with Sherlock that made my career go pop.

Sherlock has 7 nominations at the first PAAFTJ Television Awards, including Best Cast in a Miniseries! Thanks to the marvelous Sherlockology.

Fantastic essay from The Baker Street Babes: The Validation of the Internet Fandom: Bridging the Gap Between Traditional Fandom and the Age of Tumblr.

A blog post which would make a good intro for anyone who hasn't yet seen Sherlock: Oh. My. Awesome. I am Sherlocked.

And 16-June was the day that John Watson stated this, a day that was not celebrated today, but mourned greatly, as fans worldwide wept afresh over Reichenbach.

It's been a year for John since the Fall. A year of his purgatory is past. Over!

I say to all of you, O fellow Sherlockians; get thee to the picspam up there under the Sherlock candy. It will help worlds. Right now you need to be reminded of the funny and witty lines we love so much to get you past the tears. We're all in this together. Here, take Sherlock's shock blanket and get yourself a nice cuppa, eh?