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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

More Sherlockcandy... and a contest.

You see, but do you observe? Sherlockology's got a little competition going. Do go try it out. :)

Last night I found My Love Affair with Sherlock. (Link broken as of August 2013.)  It is SO COOL. Funny, clever, and full of interesting bits with the Sherlock cast and crew. Definitely Sherlock candy.

Cosplay for houses: 221B

Rex Stout's detective Nero Wolfe is another possible distraction for Sherlock fans. A&E did a brilliant short series if you haven't seen it.

The picspam is hilarious, in case you haven't read it; see blog's top corner for links. In Baskerville: "Oh come on, Sherlock, own up and take your thumping like a gentleman."

Note from @The_Whip_Hand, including picture of Lara Pulver.

Last, the Sherlock drinking game. Take sips! You must survive to 2013 for season 3, remember.

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