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Friday, June 22, 2012

War Poetry, BC's charity, and other things.

So, there was this poster of Sherlock. To which I made a comment about his signal -- and thus got this most excellent response!

(ETA:  If I ever need to find this blinkin' signal again, I hope it won't take me about 20 minutes of searching!)

Sherlock tumblrs by my friends: The Ultimate Crime Solvers and MyAccountHasNoName. :) And Bookish Charms came off tumblr as well.

Pics of Sherlock examining and Sherlock (arguing via laptop), and a Sherlock and John shirt; Holly advises looking at, since qwertee [her source] only sells shirts for 24 hours apiece.

Comment about Reichenbach; a bit of heresy, but quite understandable from a Sherlockian POV. :D

Great quotes from Baskerville; skip this if you haven't seen season 2 yet!

Come 12-July-2012, Benedict reads war poetry at Cheltenham Music Festival.

Birthday project for Benedict
: The cancer charity raising money is 149% past their target goal as of this moment.

Also, remember to keep voting over at Anglo Favorites! Martin looks to be winning handily, but Benedict is barely keeping ahead of his competition.

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