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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lots! Visuals, PBS, RF, noms...

PBS reminds US residents about the countdown before Sherlock stops streaming (20-June!) on their website.

Guess who's on the catwalk for GQ today? Bet you have some idea. Barefoot.

A great ego 'toon of Sherlock: oh, John, back to astronomy AGAIN?

Fabulous interview: Lara Pulver: The infamous 111-second scene with Sherlock that made my career go pop.

Sherlock has 7 nominations at the first PAAFTJ Television Awards, including Best Cast in a Miniseries! Thanks to the marvelous Sherlockology.

Fantastic essay from The Baker Street Babes: The Validation of the Internet Fandom: Bridging the Gap Between Traditional Fandom and the Age of Tumblr.

A blog post which would make a good intro for anyone who hasn't yet seen Sherlock: Oh. My. Awesome. I am Sherlocked.

And 16-June was the day that John Watson stated this, a day that was not celebrated today, but mourned greatly, as fans worldwide wept afresh over Reichenbach.

It's been a year for John since the Fall. A year of his purgatory is past. Over!

I say to all of you, O fellow Sherlockians; get thee to the picspam up there under the Sherlock candy. It will help worlds. Right now you need to be reminded of the funny and witty lines we love so much to get you past the tears. We're all in this together. Here, take Sherlock's shock blanket and get yourself a nice cuppa, eh?

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