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Monday, June 18, 2012

Visuals, Anglo contests, and SH comic.

Hurting for John? My friend Kelsey pointed me to this Sherlock comic, BUT THEN. I really think this page captures it, but you may want to read them all. It's tumblr, so if you're unfamiliar with tumblr, first slide down the page and then back up.

Over at Anglo Fan Faves, Benedict is handily defeating his opponent, but Martin needs more support!!

Note that you can only vote once per day! it looks at your IP. :) [Yes, I did try, that's how I know.] However, I also voted for Colin Firth and Neil Gaiman, so I spread the goodness around. Besides, I like Neil a lot, he really is one of the nicest people on Planet Earth. Here's his tumblr post.

If Sherlock was anime.

Two through the BBC: Some 2010 thoughts by Mark Gatiss on Sherlock -- just two days before the show first aired -- and Sherlock: A Perspective on Technology and Story Telling.

A poster of the Greek zodiac of Sherlock characters and another poster pulled from the unaired pilot.

Several pics of Benedict looking suave with Dan Stevens (Matthew Crowley); and all casual while displaying his great smile; then dressed up for GQ and still smiling; and being made up. :)

And someday, although today too does not appear to be that day, I will get Youtube to play the entirety of Matt Smith and Benedict Cumberbatch present Steven Moffat's Special BAFTA Award - BBC One for me. But... alas, not today. =mutters darkly=

I have to say, from what I did hear of their speech, they must have practiced quite a lot to be so smooth. :D Very classy.

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