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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mostly visuals... and fan directory

Three posters from merlocked, via @K : Benedict on set, dressed as Sherlock; Martin and Benedict snickering; Moriarty's thought balloon. A Sherlock poster from Kelsey.

Sherlock provides this marketing ploy for fans of John.  Also a moment from The Great Game.

Another shot of Benedict's color-morphing eyes.

Hmmm, someone in the Commonwealth [I can tell by the spelling], who isn't a shipper.  I'm not either, but I don't quite agree with the final example.  Remember the introductory picspam: But really, they're just flatmates. (Unless you're reading about 70% of the fanfic.)

Oh yes, I'd like to say now that I fervently believe everything the Final Problem says on her tumblr [except when she's joking, of course].  Baker Street Babes has a Sherlock Fan Directory too!

Okay, I may be offline for the rest of this weekend; I'm off pet-sitting.  May make it onto Twitter... or maybe not, depending on technology cooperating. I'm sure I'll be back harvesting links next week.  :)  Have a good weekend, my dear fellow Sherlockians!

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