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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mostly Sherlock s3/s4.

Stayin' Alive... a Sherlock flashmob in Russia.  8)  Today's blog is brought to you by Twitter and Radio Times, also the letter C.

Filming s4 in 2015?  Well, maybe, according to Radio Times.  

From this Tweet.  I doubt this is really from the Beeb, in case you're wondering.  [Fandom-made... is "statistically probable," to paraphrase Sherlock.]  But isn't that image impressive?

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Cumberbatched 8)

Ahhh, dear tumblr, source of so much that is 'Batched!

Such as Lovely Luke in Murder Is Easy and Sherlock in s3 [looks like ep2 to me], and Sherlock in s2, the Palace.

Plus the awkward first date in Hawking... which someday will be re-released so I can see it, argh!

Ben: audio on Putin, etc.

Did you hear what Benedict said about Putin's law?  No?  Enjoy!

Cumberbatched pics...

Sorry to vanish again.  Interruptions... life... bah.  Getting in the way of the Benedict Cumberbatch Situation (from 2012).