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Saturday, July 28, 2012

More swag.

Huzzah, RedBubble, for you make me want to go shopping... (in fact, I have a full cart of stickers now!)

(Ben)addict -- Bandersnatch Cummerbund -- all the deductions (about John) from Study -- describing Benedict -- I've Just Been CumberBATCHed.

A bit of a tease on Mycroft

From Great Game: Dear Jim (a very clever variation) 

Sherlockery and BC, of course.

The London Games Opening Recap at BBC America, including the clip of Benedict opening the 2012 Olympics!

(Yay for TwitIQ, which allows me to stalk Twitter during my Tweet diet and find such things!  I know I should be guilty about that, but I'm really not.  Sorry.)

Sherlock and Benedict take top award at US Critics Choice.

HBO and 'Who is this Benedict Cumberbatch?'

Do note that link is mostly about Parades' End (and Sir Tom Stoppard) than Benedict. :D

And from yesterday, a lovely Sherlock poster describing where we are as fans.  

SPOILER warning for Reichenbach:  Me Watching Sherlock 2x03

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cumberday charity and BC's messages.

Say you didn't celebrate Cumberday -- aka Benedict Cumberbatch's 36th birthday this past Thursday

Or maybe you did, and perhaps on Friday you had a sugar rush and/or hangover to nurse.  Maybe you spent your day Tweeting or sharing the day with other fans. 

What matters is that he heard (and was gobsmacked, frankly)... and so did other people, who kindly sent Benedict's thanks back to us all.

His birthday charity has clocked over £9,027.71 as of 20-July-12, says Hypable.  They've got the birthday video made for Benedict by fans.  Benedict's response was on Twitter, and here's Naomi's email update as well.

And another post about the birthday charity from 19-July, which includes a video interview from Cheltenham Music Festival.  Which is where Benedict found out about this whole effort by his fans. 

For every one of you who spread the word, and put time and money into this -- especially Naomi of @Cumberbatchweb! -- you rock.  Thank you so much for all you did!

P.S.  Rumor says Benedict may play The Master in Doctor WhoAnother 2012 source says the same.  I'm not seeing a more recent article... your mileage may vary.

Tumblr appreciation and fanfic.

There should be tumblr appreciation days.

For example, the fantastic Alice X. Zhang -- whose marvelous postcard graces the upper right corner of this blog -- has many places you can enjoy her work. 

Her Sherlock in Pink rivets me.  I want it.  I must ask her about Galaxy tablet skins.  I didn't see one in her shop.

Alice introduced me, through her tumblr, to blue, and blue kindly has a list of Sherlock fan artists

A great Sherlock (phone problems) piece by blue -- yes, I can totally see Sherlock complaining exactly this way.  Even though he can blinkin' hack into multiple phones at once [cf., the Yard scene in Study].  And blue sells Sherlock buttons!!!  Well, sometimes.

Perhaps this is John's revenge on Sherlock with the pink phone? 

Since I found it via blue's tumblr, here's another Johnlock:  Two Doctors, A Nurse, A Detective, and A Scot.  Crossover fanfic.  It was very sprightly -- and alas for me, then the shipping turned up.  Oh well. 

I always knew the Doctor was a meddler.  He's not changed.  Funny about that. :D