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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Indeed: Happy birthday to you, Benedict!

We did it!  #HappyBirthdayBenedictCumberbatch did light up the Twitterscape, says Radio Times.

Plus, today was the news of Team Sherlock's many Emmy nominationsBBC Sherlock got thirteen, yes!  (Downton Abbey's are in there too.)  Go, Team Sherlock!!!

A rousing well done to us!  
Fans all over the world Tweeted.  And blogged, and made cake, and had parties... and found that today was a day when our Twitter feeds lit up with one man's name.  

Let alone made videos and sent cards and did a millard other things.  

As the day's not over yet in the New World, there's another 8 hours to go.  :D 

The charity project to celebrate Benedict's birthday -- @Cumberbatchweb's been raising money against teen cancer as their fandom gift -- is past a whopping eight thousand GBP.  Yes, you read that right:  £8000!

Eight hours ago, it was just past £7300.

A friend of his Tweets Benedict's response.  

There has been much cake and rejoicing.  Happy Cumberday to us all, and especially to Benedict.  We do love you, birthday boy.  <3  Many more happy returns to you, Benedict.

Pssst, if you want some extra Benedict eye candy, including Frankenstein, here's the articles linked to his name at The Gazette in Montreal.  More links from to celebrate Benedict's birthday and Emmy nomination!

Here's Loo Brealey on... fellow Sherlock cast-related Tweets:  Rupert and Benedict.

And for LOTS of The Hobbit spoilers, go here.  You have been warned. 

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