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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tumblr appreciation and fanfic.

There should be tumblr appreciation days.

For example, the fantastic Alice X. Zhang -- whose marvelous postcard graces the upper right corner of this blog -- has many places you can enjoy her work. 

Her Sherlock in Pink rivets me.  I want it.  I must ask her about Galaxy tablet skins.  I didn't see one in her shop.

Alice introduced me, through her tumblr, to blue, and blue kindly has a list of Sherlock fan artists

A great Sherlock (phone problems) piece by blue -- yes, I can totally see Sherlock complaining exactly this way.  Even though he can blinkin' hack into multiple phones at once [cf., the Yard scene in Study].  And blue sells Sherlock buttons!!!  Well, sometimes.

Perhaps this is John's revenge on Sherlock with the pink phone? 

Since I found it via blue's tumblr, here's another Johnlock:  Two Doctors, A Nurse, A Detective, and A Scot.  Crossover fanfic.  It was very sprightly -- and alas for me, then the shipping turned up.  Oh well. 

I always knew the Doctor was a meddler.  He's not changed.  Funny about that. :D 

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