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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fanfic, birthdays, and getting eps.

I found out Saturday, but Sherlockology wished Rupert Graves happy birthday on Friday. (Doesn't Rupert look sharp in that picture?)

First look at ‘Sherlock’s’ Andrew Scott in new drama ‘Blackout’.

The famous Alone on the Water fanfic (includes a bit of Johnlock).  I was persuaded to read it.  This'll make you cry... unless you really don't care about our lads.  Certainly I did cry. 

Spoilers for season/series 3 [and confirms villain too!]: ‘Sherlock’ spoilers: Mark Gatiss confirms story of series 3 opener

Missed any eps?  SherlockCares has BBC news -- and this link for European fans -- also fanfic.

After this point: Spoilers for season/series 2 until the final paragraph!

Big spoiler for Reichenbach. Leave it here if you've not seen yet!  Another Believe in Sherlock viral moment.

The Will of Sherlock Holmes.  Note that the text's typed up underneath, so don't strain your eyes trying to read the scanned pic.

End of Reichenbach poster.  [Link broken as of October 2013.] Swag for The Final Problem Scene and JM.

‘Sherlock’ quotes: Our top 10 favorite -- note that page 1 is season 1 only, but alludes to both seasons, so it's very spoilery.

After so much Reichenbach, you need some fun.  Try the Masterpiece PBS Sherlock game out.  :)  And remember, Benedict's birthday is next month if you're involved in any of the BC birthday projects! Vote in the Semifinals too, whether you're going for the Benedict/Martin tie or just one, do vote. 

Sherlock trending!

Sherlock is trending... worldwide! Benedict thumbs-up pic attached and Sherlock's cute smile, along with Mycroft's reaction; all thanks to . :)

's take on their trending

-- And I haven't heard this yet, so I'm putting it under the SPOILER tag, just in case.  Sherlock audio.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Drama and pics. Also Semifinals.

Benedict pics from friends: Tell me please and Dreamybatch and green-eyed Benedict looking down.

Through Kelsey's tumblr, I found the music profiles for Cheltenham, and Benedict's is at the top. :)

Baker Street Babes asks us this and shows the not-show's image as well.

A live webchat tomorrow from 12.30-1.30 pm [but time zone unknown!!] with Louise Brealey, our Molly Hooper!  If you head over to Radio Times, you can leave a comment now too.  Loo's playing at London's Royal Court Theatre through 4-August.

Speaking of drama, the fine gentleman who writes the BBC Sherlock blogs for John, Molly, and Sherlock, is at the Off Cut Festival. And Benedict talks briefly about playing Hamlet.

Spoilers for season/series 2:  A Sherlock poster called very sincerely.

A break from our usual programming: Coldplay video combined with a UK petition. Do check it out and RT!

So here's back when BC's race against DT wasn't so awful.  But yesterday poor Benedict was at 62% and winning over Martin, and now that lead's dropping.  Anglo FF is trying to make us all crazy. :/ Will Martin beat Benedict or the reverse? I think Anglo FF has a bit of a soft spot for Benedict, since his pic's largest and arranged in the foreground.  We'll see! 

Do note that we have extra time: The semifinals round closes Thursday, July 5 at 11 am ET.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Goodly fistful of links. :)

Mycroft doesn't... and Lestrade advising Mycroft.

Fashion Review: Podcast interview of Sherlockology.  Tonight the latter kindly provided me with Wiki link for Parade's End, upcoming WWI drama by the BBC and HBO, starring Benedict and written by Tom Stoppard -- who wrote Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead and co-wrote Shakespeare in Love, if you want references.

Yesterday's Coldplay was inspired by a shorter Sherlock fan vid, this one, with a bit of Moriarty and being closer to Johnlock. Just season 1.

Spoilers for season/series 2 until the final paragraph!

Another Youtube tearjerker called the scientist | sherlock and john; song by Coldplay. Contains Reichenbach.

Lara talks about Scandal; includes internal link to RadioTimes interview with Lara Pulver and Andrew Scott.

Don't forget to vote over at Anglo Fan Favorites for Martin or Benedict -- or both!  We have a plan; if they tie, then Anglo FF may learn not to upset the Sherlock fandom.  Think we can do it?

Just six more links.

Oh, the hell with it. Another post. It's nearly 4am anyway. :P

A tumblr post about what three main rules should be in a Welcome to the Fandom pack.  [I'd add other things too, but this is a good start. Taking care of our cast and crew is foremost.]

One of everyone's favorite quotes about Anderson, coupled with a Sherlock pic from season 2, sans spoilers. A poster with a quote from Study.

Spoilers for season/series 2 until the final paragraph!

A caption from referencing... ahem. Also a fan vid about Reichenbach; don't watch until after you've seen it!

For fans in Indonesia, there's a meetup coming and their "Believe in Sherlock" project.

Psssst! If you're voting extra at Anglo Fan Favorites, it looks like they noticed during the Semifinals that some of us were trying to vote a lot more last time. Ahem. They may've tightened up their poll's time limits. So be wary. Remember that Thank you, we have already counted your vote means it's time to skedaddle. :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Semifinals, visuals, and of course, sex.

Benedict talks about music, through tumblr, which was referenced on his lovely TV Tropes page from the Description Porn category. Note the other plays on his name if you would. :)

Remember when we played the Pancake game on Twitter? No? Here's a little sample.

A 'toon synopsis of Life as lived by Sherlock and John; another incident.  And as for John's dubious auditory delight... :D

Sassy pic of Benedict, looking adorable and all ginger.

Spoilers for season/series 2 until the final paragraph!

Sherlockology's in the news!  :)  How's that for awesome?  And they talk a teensy bit about Reichenbach [and how something's already been filmed, shhh!].

And for our John, and us too, another 'toon:  I miss him.  Against that, you need a laugh:  Before Sherlock got on the Tube in Baskerville.

Swag!  Redbubble is the place.  Have fun switching the key words around; here's my favorite thus far.  :)  Reichenbach Survivor "Take My Hand" shirt.

Would You Rather Bang Sherlock or Moriarty?

Anglo Fan Favorites did it! They put Benedict and Martin head to head.  
So after Martin slew Colin Firth and Benedict narrowly won over David Tennant, they decided to make the Sherlock fandom cry.  So who will YOU vote for? 

Music and art; also one fanfic.

I was looking for the fourth pip in Great Game, because I wanted a quote from a certain scene, which was the start of this fanfic

A gorgeous Sherlock pic, which I can't quite place. A black-and-white Benedict pic [makes me think of Look Back in Anger, hmm].  Funny fan art of John and Sherlock. A double serving of Batch, all ginger-hairedSherlock looking down and away from camera.

The Sherlock cake of glory.  Is it not lovely?

And another lovely thing, a fan vid called Sherlock // fix you, with music by Coldplay.  Be warned that it may make you cry, it keeps doing that to me. 

Benedict talks about The Hobbit, including a video clip; same link has that cute pic of him hanging over the scene slate [clapper board?]. :)

Spoilers for season/series 2 through end of post!

Ever wondered what people saw before Baskerville started?  THIS.

A likeness of The Woman.  And a Scandal poster, on the couch in the palace.

More Johnlock, in the form of one of my very favorite Nine Inch Nails songs.  I want to dance to this vid, I can see that the creator[s] worked hard to make this shippery, but... still not convinced.  Also, the parts from those eps -- their real in-show context -- juxtaposed with this very explicit song make the vid even funnier to me.  

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Update. Plus: Keep voting!

-- I was away this weekend, so I saved up some links for posts while I was gone... And I'm going to try henceforth to separate out spoilers for season/series 2 from the 2010 Sherlock.  Wish me luck!  I'm adding a spoilers tag also.

Another pic of Benedict, this with grey eyes.

How Martin can win just by sighing.  :)  Thanks to his TV Tropes page!

Eight brief quotes about Benedict Cumberbatch by people who know him. (Link broken.)  Found that tumblr through Kelsey, who thus introduced me to an Italian fan! :)  Warning:  For the 30% of fandom like me (who aren't shippers), that's high-octane Johnlock.

Spoilers for season/series 2 until the final paragraph!

Everybody loves Sherlock.  Right??  Except that by the scenes chosen in that vid, you wouldn't really think so.  :D  Catchy music.

I'm not into Johnlock.  A friend sent me this link, so I replied to that John Watson [who, admittedly, I talk to anyway].  I couldn't get another Youtube to work, so I tried this one, which is definitely Johnlock: Pictures of You.  I like that vid, very low-key.

EMMYS: Benedict Cumberbatch On ‘Sherlock’. Looks like an interview I've seen more than once elsewhere, but I do like the intro paragraph, which is new. 

Over at the Anglo Fan Favorites, Martin is still winning handily over Colin Firth. But Benedict is -- just barely -- keeping ahead of DT!  Remember: Voting for the Quarterfinals ends Wednesday, June 27 at 11 am ET. Vote!!