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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fanfic, birthdays, and getting eps.

I found out Saturday, but Sherlockology wished Rupert Graves happy birthday on Friday. (Doesn't Rupert look sharp in that picture?)

First look at ‘Sherlock’s’ Andrew Scott in new drama ‘Blackout’.

The famous Alone on the Water fanfic (includes a bit of Johnlock).  I was persuaded to read it.  This'll make you cry... unless you really don't care about our lads.  Certainly I did cry. 

Spoilers for season/series 3 [and confirms villain too!]: ‘Sherlock’ spoilers: Mark Gatiss confirms story of series 3 opener

Missed any eps?  SherlockCares has BBC news -- and this link for European fans -- also fanfic.

After this point: Spoilers for season/series 2 until the final paragraph!

Big spoiler for Reichenbach. Leave it here if you've not seen yet!  Another Believe in Sherlock viral moment.

The Will of Sherlock Holmes.  Note that the text's typed up underneath, so don't strain your eyes trying to read the scanned pic.

End of Reichenbach poster.  [Link broken as of October 2013.] Swag for The Final Problem Scene and JM.

‘Sherlock’ quotes: Our top 10 favorite -- note that page 1 is season 1 only, but alludes to both seasons, so it's very spoilery.

After so much Reichenbach, you need some fun.  Try the Masterpiece PBS Sherlock game out.  :)  And remember, Benedict's birthday is next month if you're involved in any of the BC birthday projects! Vote in the Semifinals too, whether you're going for the Benedict/Martin tie or just one, do vote. 

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