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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Just six more links.

Oh, the hell with it. Another post. It's nearly 4am anyway. :P

A tumblr post about what three main rules should be in a Welcome to the Fandom pack.  [I'd add other things too, but this is a good start. Taking care of our cast and crew is foremost.]

One of everyone's favorite quotes about Anderson, coupled with a Sherlock pic from season 2, sans spoilers. A poster with a quote from Study.

Spoilers for season/series 2 until the final paragraph!

A caption from referencing... ahem. Also a fan vid about Reichenbach; don't watch until after you've seen it!

For fans in Indonesia, there's a meetup coming and their "Believe in Sherlock" project.

Psssst! If you're voting extra at Anglo Fan Favorites, it looks like they noticed during the Semifinals that some of us were trying to vote a lot more last time. Ahem. They may've tightened up their poll's time limits. So be wary. Remember that Thank you, we have already counted your vote means it's time to skedaddle. :)

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