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Friday, December 6, 2013

New official s3 pictures!

WARNING:  Some images contain s3 (season/series 3) spoilers.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

#AskSmaug and Cumbercupcakes!

Thanks for the #AskSmaug transcript -- via this Tweet!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

London 2014: PBS Masterpiece contest.

Masterpiece sweepstakes to visit London in 2014; for American and Canadian fans.  Sorry to my fellow Sherlockians elsewhere!  8(

I heard about this via a friend's Tweet.  Do invite your friends too from the Sweepstakes website!  If you've friends in the States, do please tell them (and then make them take pics for you!).

It should tell you what kind of Anglophile I am... that I was getting excited about various parts of London and not so much about Downton Abbey.  It's a lovely place, certainly, but London is more appealing to me, sorry!

I am a Downton fan, but not a Downton fangirl.  That is the difference.

Also, there are many places in London, historically, that get me geeked.  Streets.  Buildings.  London Bridge...  Theaters, parks...  This isn't even getting into the rest of England!

#SherlockLives: The s3 promo device...

So the BBC has released Sherlock season 3's airdate...

Comments about the Device and fandom's reaction off tumblr.

Bonus fan art of John's... problems with Sherlock.

Monday, December 2, 2013

More setlock. Because.

Level of setlock varies.

The Woman texts Sherlock:  I like your silly hat.  Let's have dinner.

Probably she wouldn't care for him to attend like this, however.  Nice smirk, Sherlock!

A little more of Sherlock here and there.  In costume, Martin admiring [or is he??] Ben's blue suit.

Definitely spoiler potential for ep1 of s3, with JM!  And doesn't Mycroft look lovely here?


Some April 2013 setlock for ep2.  The tumblr photoset from deareje shows both Ben and Martin in tails.  8)

Mildly in setlock category, since this is posted officially:  Some characters/actors listed, including MM and this gentleman for ep2.