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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Setlock, Emmys, Batch of Kindness, etc.

Remember that Batch of Kindness was on Ben's birthday this year.  :)  He turned 40 on 19-July-2016.

Sherlockolgy has a non-spoiler post about them wrapping up filming for s4 ep 2.

If you happen to need setlock, and you're not up on Ruther's storify, here's my previous setlock post, which had his setlock links for parts 8 through 16.  (Not kidding.)

Warning, fandom -- it's looking like the darkness Moff promised us will involve Sherlock.  Be sure to stock up tissues and shock blankets (this is from the setlockers who found the filming very upsetting on 14-June-2016).  If you'd like to know why, read Ruther's storify part 13.

More recently, Ruther's up to part 16, part 17, and part 18.  I expect part 19 will be next week.

Plus what setlockers need to know about slates (clapperboards).  :)

And for those wondering more about the possibilities of mind palace in s4, Final Problem is one of the folks considering that as well.

I'd meant to post this over a month ago.  :(

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