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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Martin at SDCC and his Bronze, and BC too (natch).

We fought the good fight, troops, but Loki won Gold and Benedict the Silver at Anglo FF.  Ah well!  We'll have to have them mud-wrestle next! ;)

The lovely Merlin fans are great sports about Martin Freeman winning the Bronze at Anglo Fan Favorites.

Parade's End will be on DVD in 2012, looks like October.  For more updates, watch tumblr.

Some pics of Benedict signing autographs at Cheltenham here and there, plus a different angle here.

Cumberbatched moments:   Cumberbatch for PMNow Magazine raving over Benedict's "Cumberbabes" suggestion.

Note that the Prime Minister bit likely is because of the Simpsons role.  :D

There's a little poll about being Cumberbatched at keenoncumberbatch.  Note the swag, the news feed, the Twitter search... heh. 

Lovely Cumberbatchweb has got both pages of Benedict's InStyle interview scanned here.

If you're looking for a slight diversion over into opera and auditory delights, Diane Duane mentions someone else whose voice reminds her of Benedict's.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Anglo Finals voting extended! Yeek!!

Correction:  Instead of mere hours left, the mad folks of Anglo Fan Favorites (aka BBC America), decided it'd be more fun to give us an extra 24 hours!  So... sure, we can grow back those fingernails tonight to gnaw off tomorrow, right??

A Sherlock poster for the prison scene in Great Game:  Grammar!

For your inner fangirl or fanboy:  Another poster about fictional characters...  A letter about falling in love

Cumberbatch moments:  From the upcoming Parade's End, sitting at the window and here's more; also see the index here, which came from @Cumberbatch_Fan.  Looks suspiciously like Benedict's at an airportCasual Benedict (i.e., some non-photogenic moments we've all had).

Benedict smiling outside Look Back in Anger.  Here's a bit of footage from afterward; do read the vid creator's comments!

Today is the last full day before the Anglo Fan Finals poll wraps Thursday:  11am Eastern on 12-July-2012.  Please keep voting for Benedict and Martin.

Martin's decent lead over Merlin shrank considerably over today.  It went down to 2.18% and now it's even less, a mere 1.9%!

And Benedict's still losing between 6-7% against Tom.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Visuals, essay of candy, Finals, etc.

A Sherlock/Benedict poster for fangirls everywhere.  

Star Trek 2 villain revealed, or, who IS Benedict playing?

If you haven't read enough Benedict interviews yet, @Cumberbatchweb has a big index.  For example, his MTV interview about The Hobbit.  :)

Cumberbatch moments:  a solemn pic of Benedict from Third Star. Quiet Benedict in costume [from another show he's in that I haven't seen and don't yet recognize on sight, sorry].  Gorgeous curly GingerBatch.

To Johnlock... or not?  ;)  Different opinions about this pic, such as here, also this, and more here.  :) Along with the one-upping here which would spawn if you insist.

Season 2 of Sherlock will start in the Philippines 23-July.  Yay for them!!

What to do when people say "Sherlock sucks and Benedict Cumberbatch is ugly" [from Benedict's reaction to pushy autograph sellers at Look Back in Anger].

After this point: Spoilers for season/series 2 until the final two paragraphs!

One semi-spoilery pic from Reichenbach; do cover your eyes if you haven't got that far yet!! 

A Believe in Sherlock poster.  Crossover pic:  Who Sherlock really meets at Reichenbach

Lessons from Sherlock Holmes essay.  Really Sherlock Holmes candy of writing and reading. 

This is the last full day before the Anglo Fan Finals poll wraps Wednesday:  11am Eastern on 11-July-2012.  Have you been voting for Benedict and Martin?  Weirdly enough, Martin's lead of about 7.3% is about the same as Benedict's not-a-lead against Tom.  Argh!

We love them no matter what.  So it all works out.  :)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Pics, awards, and Anglo Finals are almost over!

A Sherlock spoof/logoJerseys for 221B...

Pics: Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman filming Sherlock : The Reichenbach Fall. Adorable pic of Martin Freeman as John. James McAvoy and Benedict.

Cumberbatched moments:  Another DreamyBatch pic.  A PrettyBatch pic from Look Back in AngerRecording Cabin Pressure 3 pic of Benedict and group.  Bright-eyed smiling Benedict.  Adorable Benedict innocently asleep oh so sweetlyCute boy-next-door bit from Benedict's My Cultural Life interview.

Production Notes: Playwright's Playwrights: Look Back In Anger (06/07/2012).

Sherlock won three awards at PAARFTJ Television Awards!

Feel you need a reference to the original Sherlock Holmes stories?  There's one available now for free.

After this point: Spoilers for season/series 2 until the final two paragraphs!

Need more pics of the show? The darlings at @Cumberbatchweb have filming pics from season 2. I didn't see any spoilers, but just in case, they're after the tag. :)

The Anglo FF poll is still tense for fans of our Sherlock; please vote for Benedict and Martin.  You can vote every 1-2 hours, it seems to depend on where you are (unless they cleaned that kink out of the poll).  Martin is still ahead, so his can of whoop-ass has not stopped working -- nor have Martin's fans!  :)

Benedict lags behind TH between 6-7%; to my delight, the gap hasn't got over 7% for the last several hours.  Do vote and please RT and post all over.  Voting for the Finals ends this Wednesday on 11-July-2012. Just under 31 hours to go!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Sherlock manifesto: "I'm a specialist -- like you."

There is lots to do.  Curl up with Sherlock's shock blanket and get ready.  Share the show with those who haven't seen it yet!

Don't just weep after you see your first three episodes, or even after you've seen all six.  However many times you watch them.  :D  Make the Reichenbach feels and the angst be useful.

(Whatever you do, don't steal the DVDs from your library.  Someone else hasn't seen them yet!)

Stimulate the world economy -- buy art and other swag.  Create your own swag if nothing suits you, and sell it.  Buy the eps on DVD/Bluray or separately.

Then... Watch the eps again.

Read the Sherlock candy -- which I first introduced here, along with other goodies.   Explore tumblr and deviantart and blogs and fan forums... read and write and share fanfic.  Create fan art; you can make your own too!  Without fellow fans we'd not have all these lovely fan vids, posters, etc.  Knock yourself out.

Have you looked at the Final Problem tumblr for Reichenbach?  That enormous Theory Index alone is worth a lot of your time.  

If you don't know where to start, try SherlockCares, as the blogroll alone will give you some help; I've always found the Baker Street Babes and Sherlockology to be very fine and most helpful... along with many other Sherlockians.  There's links at that blogroll to BBC Sherlock news as well.

Turn your friends and family to Sherlock, it will keep them from killing you.  Recall that our John has a long time to wait, we're lucky.  He doesn't know what we know. 

Watch everything you can find that Benedict and Martin and all our crew are in.

Read Arthur Conan Doyle, read other authors like Ellery Queen and Nero Wolfe.  Ask friends and librarians and booksellers for recommendations!  Buy books, swap them, share them.

Get into the friendly Sherlock fandom.  There's all sorts of us, you know. 

Try out the Sherlock RP and cosplay.  That might suit you.  Look on Twitter and other social networks.  Try your local SF conventions.

Join or start a Sherlock fan club.  Put yourself on the Believe in Sherlock map.  Arrange Sherlock meetups; create Believe in Sherlock images wherever you can and leave them for other fans to discover and delight in.

"I've given you a glimpse... of what I've got going..."  :)

Finally, remember that not everyone's seen all the eps.  First the UK, then the USA, then Germany -- the show hasn't been released everywhere yet.  It's been just over two months since Scandal came to the States.

I met some lovely UK fans who asked on 20-May-12 how America was handling Reichenbach.  We're out there all over the world, we Sherlockians.  Check the map if you don't believe me.

Be ready to share that shock blanket along with the quotes and hand out tissues when needed.  When 2013 brings us BBC Sherlock, let's make that even bigger than 2012, shall we?

I bet we can.  Let's!

Those Finals and images.

To start, a thought about reading from George R.R. Martin.  Use it whenever someone asks you why you read or enjoy fiction.

Cumberbatched moments:  Sleeping Benedict pic.  Benedict in costume from Look Back in Anger.  If you aren't Cumberbatched enough, there's also A Study in Cumberbatch from the same tumblr. 

Speaking of Look Back in Anger... mobs, anyone??  You could swim in the amount of fans there. 

Here's a good pic of Andrew Scott smiling.  :)

After this point: Spoilers for season/series 2 until the final two paragraphs!

This is the one picture I don't think I've ever put up here.  It is now infamous since Reichenbach, or famous depending on your view. Did you need some cheering up after that last bit?  Here's just what you require!

Or more medieval Sherlock quips.  :)

Another website for Sherlock season 2 quotes [here's Baskerville] and also recaps, which I haven't read yet. 

Some fan art from Comic-Con Paris wrt our own Moriarty.

Voting continues at Anglo FF for Benedict and Martin.   Martin is still ahead.  Benedict lags behind TH between 6-7%.  Do vote!  Please RT and post it all over as well; voting for the Finals ends this Wednesday.

Keep in mind the backup plan, however... If Benedict doesn’t win you can be sure Cumberbabes will avenge his loss.  =twinkle=