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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Visuals, essay of candy, Finals, etc.

A Sherlock/Benedict poster for fangirls everywhere.  

Star Trek 2 villain revealed, or, who IS Benedict playing?

If you haven't read enough Benedict interviews yet, @Cumberbatchweb has a big index.  For example, his MTV interview about The Hobbit.  :)

Cumberbatch moments:  a solemn pic of Benedict from Third Star. Quiet Benedict in costume [from another show he's in that I haven't seen and don't yet recognize on sight, sorry].  Gorgeous curly GingerBatch.

To Johnlock... or not?  ;)  Different opinions about this pic, such as here, also this, and more here.  :) Along with the one-upping here which would spawn if you insist.

Season 2 of Sherlock will start in the Philippines 23-July.  Yay for them!!

What to do when people say "Sherlock sucks and Benedict Cumberbatch is ugly" [from Benedict's reaction to pushy autograph sellers at Look Back in Anger].

After this point: Spoilers for season/series 2 until the final two paragraphs!

One semi-spoilery pic from Reichenbach; do cover your eyes if you haven't got that far yet!! 

A Believe in Sherlock poster.  Crossover pic:  Who Sherlock really meets at Reichenbach

Lessons from Sherlock Holmes essay.  Really Sherlock Holmes candy of writing and reading. 

This is the last full day before the Anglo Fan Finals poll wraps Wednesday:  11am Eastern on 11-July-2012.  Have you been voting for Benedict and Martin?  Weirdly enough, Martin's lead of about 7.3% is about the same as Benedict's not-a-lead against Tom.  Argh!

We love them no matter what.  So it all works out.  :)

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