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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Those Finals and images.

To start, a thought about reading from George R.R. Martin.  Use it whenever someone asks you why you read or enjoy fiction.

Cumberbatched moments:  Sleeping Benedict pic.  Benedict in costume from Look Back in Anger.  If you aren't Cumberbatched enough, there's also A Study in Cumberbatch from the same tumblr. 

Speaking of Look Back in Anger... mobs, anyone??  You could swim in the amount of fans there. 

Here's a good pic of Andrew Scott smiling.  :)

After this point: Spoilers for season/series 2 until the final two paragraphs!

This is the one picture I don't think I've ever put up here.  It is now infamous since Reichenbach, or famous depending on your view. Did you need some cheering up after that last bit?  Here's just what you require!

Or more medieval Sherlock quips.  :)

Another website for Sherlock season 2 quotes [here's Baskerville] and also recaps, which I haven't read yet. 

Some fan art from Comic-Con Paris wrt our own Moriarty.

Voting continues at Anglo FF for Benedict and Martin.   Martin is still ahead.  Benedict lags behind TH between 6-7%.  Do vote!  Please RT and post it all over as well; voting for the Finals ends this Wednesday.

Keep in mind the backup plan, however... If Benedict doesn’t win you can be sure Cumberbabes will avenge his loss.  =twinkle=

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