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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Martin at SDCC and his Bronze, and BC too (natch).

We fought the good fight, troops, but Loki won Gold and Benedict the Silver at Anglo FF.  Ah well!  We'll have to have them mud-wrestle next! ;)

The lovely Merlin fans are great sports about Martin Freeman winning the Bronze at Anglo Fan Favorites.

Parade's End will be on DVD in 2012, looks like October.  For more updates, watch tumblr.

Some pics of Benedict signing autographs at Cheltenham here and there, plus a different angle here.

Cumberbatched moments:   Cumberbatch for PMNow Magazine raving over Benedict's "Cumberbabes" suggestion.

Note that the Prime Minister bit likely is because of the Simpsons role.  :D

There's a little poll about being Cumberbatched at keenoncumberbatch.  Note the swag, the news feed, the Twitter search... heh. 

Lovely Cumberbatchweb has got both pages of Benedict's InStyle interview scanned here.

If you're looking for a slight diversion over into opera and auditory delights, Diane Duane mentions someone else whose voice reminds her of Benedict's.

SDCC 2012: Martin Freeman signing at San Diego Comic Con, Saturday July 14.  If you're at Comic-Con, or you've got friends who are, Martin's there!

The Martin Freeman Project has extended their deadline to end of July.  Make sure to pass it along!  Considering how well Martin did in Anglo FF, he's certainly got fandom.  Please put the link on tumblr, FB, RT, etc. 

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