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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sherlock rewatches via Twitter.

Anyone on Twitter tonight -- or tomorrow, depending on your time zone -- is welcome to join those of us watching either TBB s01e02, or possibly SiB s02s01.

This is planned for about midnight my time, or two hours from now.  :D

Tuesday's Sherlock rewatch will be starting as follows; again, check your time zone if you'd like to play/watch with.  I don't think we've settled on what eps we're doing.  I've seen everything in PBS versions, and 5 of the 6 eps on DVD, i.e., the full Sherlock eps.

Probably Study s01e01 will be on Tuesday at 2pm EDT.

Here's a clock/time zone converter if you need to figure out your time zone compared to mine

That will be 7-August-12, or 8-August if you're in the Eastern Hemisphere.

Feel free to pipe up, either here in comments, or on Twitter [or both!] and suggest what should be watched. 

I also plan on watching Reichenbach, s02s03, most likely on 27-August, probably around 2pm EDT.  I'll plot that more on Twitter as we get closer to month-end, however.  :)

Friday, August 3, 2012

The Smithsonian blog, a letter, and sundry.

Knowing Benedict Cumberbatch... Rachel at RedandKitty wondering about the book Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Benedict Cumberbatch.

When it comes to swag, I would like a book bag featuring Sherlock quotes.  And I could make one of my very own, over at ArtsCow.  I think I shall.  :)

If you're looking for a Sherlock messenger bag, there's one at Etsy.

Pics: Benedict with Jessica EnnisBenedict looking almost like a grown man instead of a kid (this is an observation, not a complaint, mind).

Sherlock wins hottest show in @Totalfilm hotlist.  The Smithsonian blogs about Sherlock and the Technology of Deduction!  (This is the fourth in a series, BTW.)

After this point: Spoilers for season/series 2.

Two pics off Twitter:  Benedict as Sherlock, taking a smoke breakSherlock receiving a text in Reichenbach. [Links broken as of 2013]

Dear Mr. Martin Freeman, an open letter from a bereaved fan.

Johnlock 'toon responding to the end of Reichenbach.

A lovely screen cap of the showdown in Scandal.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Benedict, with a side helping of SH and Frankenstein.

Why there's nothing as gorgeous as a geek -- about Benedict (cover picture) and other top geeks. 

A 2011 interview about Parade's End.  A 2010 Esquire interview (called "Nice shirt, Sherlock") with Benedict that I'd missed. 

A new collection of Sherlock Holmes stories -- not by Conan Doyle, but by current authors. 

Amsterdam is getting to see Frankenstein again!!  Do check your area too, just in case. 

November screening of Sherlock 2 in NYC. 

Cumberbatched moments.   From The Last Enemy.  Benedict looking quite sharp, all in black.  A collection:  Nine flavors of BatchLovely Benedict on the divan (what do you mean you don't flirt, sir??).  Remember that Harpers Bazaar interview?  Here's a photoset

Picture off the promotional poster for the Media Festival Masterclass in Edinburgh.

So, are YOU enjoying the first annual Sherlock Holmes Week?  There's a lot going on; make sure you see if your area's doing anything!  Or... start your own party.  I'm going to do a Sherlock marathon myself.  :D

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Various images and one big RF theory.

Two little Shimeji on tumblr being cute and happy... but see who they are!

Sherlock moments:  Sherlock making facesSherlock posing, like he does so well.  Some really creepy (but lovely, mind you) Moriarty fan art

Cumberbatched moments:  Another looker pic.  On set while relaxing during a break pic. 

Off topic.  A bit off the beaten track:  The Doctor has returned to Pennsic.

For anyone you're trying to turn:  Where to watch Sherlock.  The SherlockBBC tumblr concludes with this:  "The only thing you can do to navigate this barren, Sherlockless wasteland is to spend time on Tumblr." :D

After this point: Spoilers for season/series 2.

Major spoiler/theory discussion of Reichenbach [redacted]Do Not Read if you have not seen this episode.  I'm not kidding here. 

Sherlock moments:  At the pool [Scandal].  FacepalmsTaglines for Our Lads and Ladies

An intro, pics, and meetup.

Benedict's introduction to Sherlock Holmes' The Hound of the Baskervilles. Note that if you ever thought if he was adorable before, reading that intro will, mmm, improve upon your belief. 

Lots of Cumberbatched moments!  You mean him??   In another scarf... a thing for scarves.  Benedict in a cab here, and also there, looking very like a vulnerable Sherlock.

Dialog between Sherlock fandom and Mofftiss.  :D

Put some extra links in this post, back when I was trying to not blog here this past fortnight [and failing utterly, I might add].

SPOILERS here only: Reichenbach flashback -- because of the London Games -- and this shirt

If you're in Washington State, don't forget the Sherlock event/meetup there on Wednesday, 1-August-2012!  

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Happy Sherlock Holmes Week!

Happy Holmes Week! Have you been over to SherlockCares lately to check out the celebrations there?  If you've read all the Sherlock fanfic, note that SH pastiches have been written forever -- or since possibly the first moment someone decided ACD was writing too slowly.  :D

Another perfect Mycroft and Sherlock fanfic from SherlockCares.  (Yes, I'm biased; no, it's not Johnlock; and I think it's just amazing.)

Pic: Honey, you should see him in a crown... and...

Cumberbatch moments:  Pale Benedict pic.  Just one more black-and-white pic.  Benedict in what may be a blue smoking jacket.

Amazing dolls made of Sherlock and John by a fan.  Wow!!

There will be three Hobbit films.  Just so you know.