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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Synopsis or setlock? You decide!

Feeling up to (possible) spoilers?  Desperate for s3 news?

(Art thanks to a fine artist at DevianTart.)

This might count as setlock, this synopsis from Den of Geek -- but it may not be.  Definitely possible spoilers inside!

No, I haven't read it, so I'm guessing.  Despite how much setlock I've seen, I'd really rather NOT be spoiled.  So if you click and are spoiled, your curiosity did you in, my dears!

Cumbercupcakes: #SherlockLives!

#SherlockLives - the Twitter reaction at Radio Times, and four, no -- five Cumbercupcakes.  As the first pic has TWO Cumbercupcakes, bonus:  three versions of Sherlock!!  Enjoy!

Friday, November 29, 2013

omg! BBC airs S3 ep1 on 1-Jan-2014!

And New Year's Day is #SherlockLives Day.  Just so you know.  Beware the BBC's promo picture, high probability of causing feels.  REALLY.

(But here's a companion funny-teaser to cheer you up!)

Spoilers for S2 ep3 past the break!

Short commercial break... nah.

Another piece about Sherlock and Ben and Martin by Caitlin Moran: The Seven Wonders of Sherlock.  Via Cumberbatchweb, so it's the whole piece.  Bless!

Must be from 2010, in case you're wondering, as she wrote it before The Great Game was originally aired.

Cumberbatched poster of forgiveness.  ;D

Cumberhug poster:  beware, Third Star feels attached!

And yes, in case you are wondering, you can indeed pre-order Sherlock s3 at Amazon, for Canada and the USA.  I think their website may crash and people are gonna have their friends send the DVDs from North America.

BUT... Amazon now tells me that I shall get my s3 DVDs in February 2014.

Now, I still plan on watching s3 air on PBS come 19-January-2014, but I foolishly thought I might get my DVDs sooner.


Anyone taking stowaways to the UK next week???  Please!  Suddenly I feel that there's gonna be a really whiney Interweb -- okay, we already were, but-- but-- S3!  Spoilers.  TWITTER.  =swoons=

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Belated setlock.

Setlock Cumberhug... awwwww!

Ohhh, darling setlock.

More Martin posing in setlock -- how is THAT relaxed, you sassy man!  =holds my head in despair=

Monday, November 25, 2013

New Sherlock s3 trailer!

So... the Doctor Who "Day of the Doctor" came out on 23-Nov-13.

And something else did too.  Sherlock lives!!!

I figured maybe you hadn't heard, or hadn't watched it multiple times, or... well.

WARNING:  The very first shot may give you terrible feels.  Really.

Brought to you by the delightful fans at Sherlockology -- and many thanks to jaggedrain for alerting me also!