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Friday, November 29, 2013

omg! BBC airs S3 ep1 on 1-Jan-2014!

And New Year's Day is #SherlockLives Day.  Just so you know.  Beware the BBC's promo picture, high probability of causing feels.  REALLY.

(But here's a companion funny-teaser to cheer you up!)

Spoilers for S2 ep3 past the break!

UK/BBC viewers:  here is your Sherlock s3 schedule.  Enjoy!!!  Lucky you, ep 1 and ep 2 are only 94.5 hours apart!!

Papers on both sides of the Pond are excited.  Here's HuffPost's #SherlockLives:  Benedict Cumberbatch Returns To TV As 'Sherlock' In Series 3 On New Year's Day.  And another condensed post, with "This ensured total Twitter domination."  Oh, the love!

And we thought DECEMBER was gonna be crazy-exciting.  Hoo boy, what did we know?!???  Happy early Christmas -- aka "BBC teasing fandom".

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