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Thursday, September 5, 2013

BBC 4 airing Cabin Pressure.

In case you've wanted to hear Cabin Pressure, the lovely BBC Radio 4 has been playing the eps.  I've been listening to series 1.

Each ep is available for one week.

I was reading the transcripts first, but I found that I want to hear later eps without knowing what's happening.  (Although this does NOT spoil s1e1 Abu Dhabi in any way -- it's a scream either read or heard!)  You probably don't want to do anything else the first time you hear Cabin Pressure.  When I read Abu Dhabi, I laughed so hard I cried.

And I find it really hard to stop listening, I just keep hitting replay...

Right now they're on s1e4:  Douz.  Funny Douz!  So far Abu Dhabi and Douz are my favorites.  I expect once I've heard more eps, I'll have lots more favorites.  So will you.  Geronimo!

Many thanks to the CP fan site, the BBC, and to my Tweeps who wisely persuaded me to try this show.  It's BRILLIANT.

Go buy CP so you can listen over and over!  Each series is less than US$10 or about £5.49 as of now.  There are currently four series of Cabin Pressure.  Psst!  You can also buy CP swag from RedBubble on the fan site.  :)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sponsored by She Who Gave Us Otters.

From fan artist RedScharlach's tumblr.  Yes, you know her and her otters! (Vogue's September 2013 article also likens BC to an otter.)

Beware:  spoilers possible for Sherlock s2 and STID!

Baker's Treats... you know it works!  I discovered this through Twitter.  Original post here.

The Hobbit/BBC Sherlock mashup.  Next, a totally unrelated mashup, with birds; it's all your fault, Sherlock, uh, Ben.

STID says BAFTA screwed up.  But STID didn't know what was coming when they got Ben for Star Trek.  Of course, tumblr didn't know either, eh?

Come to think of it, tumblr has... ideas about s3.  ;)

Someone needs to make this a fan vid.  Neutron cream, neutron dance; perfect!

For more, try her Sherlock tag.  Really.  Such as this pizza fan art, which has bits from all eps.

Expect some spoilers in her Benedict Cumberbatch tag, along with LOTS of pics.  8)  There's Cabin Pressure spoilers there too; watch out!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Safelock, setlock, Cumberbatched. Problem?

All Ben/SH safelock:  Ben chatting with fans.  Making eyes!  Two more from North Gower Street.  Ben in costume, with shades, smiling.  Shhh!  Ben chuckling, one of his handwritten signs by his side.  A reel of...

Pssst!  I treat certain costumes as setlock and as thus, definitely s3 spoilers.  
You have been warned!

Setlock!  Cardiff pics of Sherlock and John, with details after.  :D  "Because I adore pointing photos."  (I wish the fan was included, though.)

Thanks to the Cumberbatch Coffee Klatch tumblr.  I found several pics there first, but I've also seen them on Twitter.  Do please reblog (and tag as setlock) when you find such lovelies!

Thanks, Speedy's.  You are such wonderful people!

Some mild setlock pics of Sherlock from Radio Times.

Not really setlock, but just think:  if you're in the UK, this could happen to YOU!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

BBC One trailer.

The BBC One British drama trailer aired today, 1-Sept-13.  Note that it is a medley of shows, not just BBC Sherlock.  Distracting!

I'm sure fandom has been madly creating screen caps.  When I find 'em, I'll update in a later post.  :D  Radio Times mentions one snippet of dialog.

Sherlockology has a great update about the wrap of filming s3.  Post-production time!  All s3 filming is now over; if you want setlock, it should be all over tumblr, Twitter, and elsewhere.

As Sherlockology also reminds us, still no air dates for s3 yet.

ETA:  Updated air date news, short version Sue says NOT November.  Just not.  Yes, this post's from 20-May-2013, but again, Sue's the producer, and she would know.  Thanks to Final Problem for this info!

2013 filming's done, now what?

Now what do we do without setlock????

Well.  Get on Youtube and watch every fan vid of filming?

Cumberbatchweb has one here; their Tweet says it's from 21-August-2013.  No sound from Team Sherlock, so do not expect to hear any spoilers there.

Go back to tumblr?  Clearly otters weren't enough.

I'll do some more setlock posts; there is LOTS of setlock, you know.  I'll try to space them out to weekly doses.

You can also go watch Ben in many other things -- he's in what, EIGHT flicks this year alone! -- and Martin too.  Martin's in that hobbit movie, y'know.  As the Hobbit.  And also World's End with Simon Pegg.  Explore!  Have fun, share SH and Team Sherlock with your friends, family, and fellow fans.  We're here.  8)

P.S.  If like me, you don't understand some of the memes involving John Watson... also check on Martin's TV Tropes page.