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Sunday, September 1, 2013

2013 filming's done, now what?

Now what do we do without setlock????

Well.  Get on Youtube and watch every fan vid of filming?

Cumberbatchweb has one here; their Tweet says it's from 21-August-2013.  No sound from Team Sherlock, so do not expect to hear any spoilers there.

Go back to tumblr?  Clearly otters weren't enough.

I'll do some more setlock posts; there is LOTS of setlock, you know.  I'll try to space them out to weekly doses.

You can also go watch Ben in many other things -- he's in what, EIGHT flicks this year alone! -- and Martin too.  Martin's in that hobbit movie, y'know.  As the Hobbit.  And also World's End with Simon Pegg.  Explore!  Have fun, share SH and Team Sherlock with your friends, family, and fellow fans.  We're here.  8)

P.S.  If like me, you don't understand some of the memes involving John Watson... also check on Martin's TV Tropes page.

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