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Monday, September 2, 2013

Safelock, setlock, Cumberbatched. Problem?

All Ben/SH safelock:  Ben chatting with fans.  Making eyes!  Two more from North Gower Street.  Ben in costume, with shades, smiling.  Shhh!  Ben chuckling, one of his handwritten signs by his side.  A reel of...

Pssst!  I treat certain costumes as setlock and as thus, definitely s3 spoilers.  
You have been warned!

Setlock!  Cardiff pics of Sherlock and John, with details after.  :D  "Because I adore pointing photos."  (I wish the fan was included, though.)

Thanks to the Cumberbatch Coffee Klatch tumblr.  I found several pics there first, but I've also seen them on Twitter.  Do please reblog (and tag as setlock) when you find such lovelies!

Thanks, Speedy's.  You are such wonderful people!

Some mild setlock pics of Sherlock from Radio Times.

Not really setlock, but just think:  if you're in the UK, this could happen to YOU!

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