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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sponsored by She Who Gave Us Otters.

From fan artist RedScharlach's tumblr.  Yes, you know her and her otters! (Vogue's September 2013 article also likens BC to an otter.)

Beware:  spoilers possible for Sherlock s2 and STID!

Baker's Treats... you know it works!  I discovered this through Twitter.  Original post here.

The Hobbit/BBC Sherlock mashup.  Next, a totally unrelated mashup, with birds; it's all your fault, Sherlock, uh, Ben.

STID says BAFTA screwed up.  But STID didn't know what was coming when they got Ben for Star Trek.  Of course, tumblr didn't know either, eh?

Come to think of it, tumblr has... ideas about s3.  ;)

Someone needs to make this a fan vid.  Neutron cream, neutron dance; perfect!

For more, try her Sherlock tag.  Really.  Such as this pizza fan art, which has bits from all eps.

Expect some spoilers in her Benedict Cumberbatch tag, along with LOTS of pics.  8)  There's Cabin Pressure spoilers there too; watch out!

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