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Sunday, September 1, 2013

BBC One trailer.

The BBC One British drama trailer aired today, 1-Sept-13.  Note that it is a medley of shows, not just BBC Sherlock.  Distracting!

I'm sure fandom has been madly creating screen caps.  When I find 'em, I'll update in a later post.  :D  Radio Times mentions one snippet of dialog.

Sherlockology has a great update about the wrap of filming s3.  Post-production time!  All s3 filming is now over; if you want setlock, it should be all over tumblr, Twitter, and elsewhere.

As Sherlockology also reminds us, still no air dates for s3 yet.

ETA:  Updated air date news, short version Sue says NOT November.  Just not.  Yes, this post's from 20-May-2013, but again, Sue's the producer, and she would know.  Thanks to Final Problem for this info!

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