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Sunday, August 25, 2013

PSA: There is no s3 airdate... YET.

Until it's announced by Sue, or the Beeb, or Mark Gatiss... PLEASE do not go spreading any so-called airdates.

If you don't ask Sue or Mark, go check with Baker Street Bakes (tumblr or Twitter) or Sherlockology (website or Twitter).  Either group would know if Sue, Mark, or the BBC has said anything.  Really they would.

I know we all want Sherlock s3 yesterday.  Or even the day before.  But please... give Team Sherlock time.  They have to finish everything!  Production takes more time than just filming.

Turn your energies to converting more people to Sherlock.  Thank you, fellow Sherlockians.  Just remember we are all waiting... together!

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