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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Choose! Semifinals of Fandom Wars.

I want to cherish this image right now.

Because this death match will NOT be pretty, fandom.  Right now BBC Sherlock is crushing Harry Potter, for which I'm grateful... tentatively.  I know it won't last!

As you see, Supernatural is in the wrong position, as Doctor Who is crushing them.  I expect DW will prevail there.

The other reason I want to cherish this is that the 3 Chic Geeks are funny.  Their summary yesterday is perfect.  Sherlock cannot be out-sulked.  (NO, he can't!!)  Rowling trumps GRRM.  Trek decimated by a Time Lord.  You get the picture.

Round 4 has 72 hours from sometime yesterday.  You may ONLY vote once for each category.

So who is it?  Sherlock or Harry??  The Doctors -- all of them -- or Supernatural?
Pick one from each!  8)  Tell your friends, confuse your enemies... erm.

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