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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Thanks, WETA; please vote Anglo Fan semifinals!

May 2013, Sherlockian (Lacy) at WETA wrote Filming wraps on Episode 2, Airdate Rumors Debunked.  Do read if you want to know what BBC factors would preclude Sherlock s3 airing in September, October, or November 2013.

Remember that Sue Vertue herself said September is not happening.  And she would know!

Spoiler zone

WETA has the July 2013 vids of Ben doing Top Gear.  STID and RF in one vid.

WETA also has a great 2012 piece about Reichenbach.  (I'd put a bunch of speculation links next, but just visit the Final Problem in sidebar.  It's easier.)

Anglo Fan Favorites has 34 hours left -- but although Ben and Alan were really close at the start, things are looking bad for our Sherlock.  I haven't given up yet.

Please vote as much as you can!  Bribe your friends and family, tell your enemies a vote for Ben would make you cry -- anything possible!  Well, almost anything.

If you have tumblr, PLEASE post "vote!" links there too.  Thanks!

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