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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Eye candy, Jerusalem, and Hawking.

First, Stephen Hawking and Benedict Cumberbatch in very brief video about Hawking.

Cheekbones alert!  Because you know and I know what a great sign that is!  Thanks to virtualloki's tumblr for the pic; Tweeted here.
Alas, we didn't push Alan out of Anglo 2013 Semifinals... but we sure pushed hard.  Whoo-hoo, Cumbercollective!  8)  Ben's score kept going up (reaching 42.55%) although Alan retained his 15% lead.

So that means that Loki =cough= Hiddles will go against Snape.  Make sure to vote in the Anglo 2013 Finals if you want to aid them in their quest.  

Everything after the break is some level of spoiler, mostly for s2, maybe s4:

Sherlock in 221B, when John comes in, near end of Scandal:  "Please."

Lara Pulver on Irene Adler in the future... after s3.

Documentary narrated by Ben... the trailer for Jerusalem.

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