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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sponsored by tumblr: Sherlockian moments.

WARNING!  Any links after the s1 eps could possess feels and/or Reichenbach.  

Yay for tumblr, particularly the Final Problem's #EverySherlockianFamilyIsSherlockianInItsOwnWay tag!

Do you want to watch SH?  After three episodes.  Not.  Watching Sherlock.  I don't know why I'm doing this to myself.

-- I tried to resist doing any Cumberbatched ones, but I failed; I also missed the guys' versions, sorry!  I aimed for funnies, mostly.

Study in Pink

The importance of language.  The text.  Got a blanket.  When Mycroft kidnapped John.  Traveling.  The Internet appreciates--!

The Blind Banker

At the table.  No words (this one's especially for Anjani).  8)

The Great Game

Jim from IT.  I gave you my number.  At the end of season 1.  Laser light.

Where the s2 spoilers start for sure...

Scandal in Belgravia 

Who?  The phone code.  Wearing a suit.  Growth.


Watching Hound.  Feels.  He does have friends.  Volleyball game.  While shopping.


Not possible.  At school.  "Your friends will die--"  I was watching it...  Can't figure out how.  Reversed quotes.

Lestrade.  Some relatives over for dinner.  Just walked...

Where s1 and s2 episodes collide...

Coffee table.  Mostly s2 quotes.  Swimming.

And one of the very absolute best EVER:  lunch!

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