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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Followup on Little Favour: Benedict + Adam.

If you haven't heard about Little Favour yet, here's my recap.  It's a short independent film being crowdfunded by the Cumbercollective.  Amazing and breathtaking response!

Six days left; do hop to it if you can help out, and remember -- spreading the word DOES count as helping out!!!

Sponsored by tumblr; Caitlin Moran's interview.

Since this is sponsored by tumblr, that should be the top, of course.  Courtesy of the lovely Emily, whose post provided the image from morphinetoasts.  Text for Ben's words here.

(Ben is not on Twitter.  Really.  I remember him saying this at the 2012 Cheltenham Lit Fest; it's written up at Radio Times as well.)

Don't have enough Cumberpics?  Go over to Cumberbatchedandproud, you'll find LOTS.  Enjoy her tags!

A moment in boredom, i.e., gun safety and Sherlock from thecutteralicia.

Sherlock season 2 zone 

Have a morgue moment from Scandal, thanks to morphinetoasts, in fact.

And here is Caitlin Moran's latest (May 2013!) interview of Ben, which I have been dying to read, which was put on tumblr by cumbertrekky. The Times - What's not to Love About Benedict Cumberbatch.  [Link removed from tumblr; you'll have to buy it from The Times.]

Oh God:  "find my son..."!!!! I think I love Ben's mum too.  This is an interview for which John Watson would be using up every word possible.  You will too.  I love this interview.  Caitlin is the best ever!

Friday, May 10, 2013

The short film Little Favour.

Little Favour is the short film starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Nick Moran.

Indiegogo is where they're raising money for the indie film.  (It's a nonprofit.)  They smashed through their initial goal quickly -- huzzah, Cumbercollective!

If you want to pledge, you've got until 17-May-13, 11.59pm, Pacific Time.  They were at £65,600 last I saw.

Adam Ackland is one of the producers.  8)  If you watch his Twitter feed, he'll tell you when it's to be filmed [first week of June 2013] and where.

Do spread this around, if you please, on Twitter, tumblr, and to every Cumberfan you know.  Many thanks!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Three GREAT fan vids.

These are all from season 2. If you haven't seen the 2012 Sherlock, don't watch these now.  OTOH, I found two of them funny, and I hope you do also.

dying from the exit wounds | Sherlock BBC by KatrinDepp.

She is a fan vid goddess, I swear to you. This amazing vid, oh God!!

Odds are it will give you major feels.  But it's lovely.

let's get dangerous | Sherlock BBC | crack!vid by KatrinDepp.

WARNING: Do not eat or drink during this vid. If you're old enough to remember DW (no, not the Doctor), you may hurt yourself. I thought I'd hyperventilate, no joke.  Correction, this is s1 and s2.

Typical reaction to "The Reichenbach Fall" | Sherlock BBC by ThePteryx.

I think this will make you laugh. I do realize I'm biased. 8)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ben's interviews through 10-May-13.

Ben is interviewed on the Graham Norton show.  Links for parts 1/3 and 2/3 and 3/3 [now broken].  ETA 24-Oct-2014:  show link with Harrison Ford, Benedict, Jack Whitehall.

If you want to know other places to find Ben's interview this week, here's the schedule.  Thanks to my Tweep Nikki!