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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sherlock s3 filming: DONE; new BBC trailer!

Now the rest of s3 production -- from editing to music and everything in between -- kicks into high gear.  Remember, let Team Sherlock do the rest of their stuff; we have LOTS of setlock and such to keep us occupied!

Tomorrow the BBC airs a trailer of BBC shows including Sherlock -- but not limited to our show.  So expect a teensy bit of SH only!

S3 spoiler?  Here's a spoiler screen cap from said trailer, says our new villain... or at least one of his Twitter avatars.

Bonus:  The very last (series 3) twist and diffuse for Ben as Sherlock!

Anglo Fan Favorites: Women!

Oh no!!!  Anglo Fan Favorites has put Team Sherlock against two Doctor Who companions and the Dowager Countess!

Loo (Louise Brealey)... Molly is almost 20 percent behind her opponent.

Lara Pulver, who will be in The Man Who Would Be Bond next... Irene Adler is almost 50 percent behind her opponent.

And Mrs. Hudson has just over 14 percent now, putting her 71 percent behind Dame Maggie Smith.  Who I do love, mind you; but she doesn't need me like Una does in this race.  :/

Voting ends 5-Sept-13 at 11am Eastern.  You can vote hourly; please do!

Friday, August 30, 2013


Cumberbatched:  Lovely photoset off tumblr, looks like two different photo shoots.  Here's his SPUR photoshoot and synopsis!

We all know those, uh, name variants, don't we?  The evolution of BC's name.  WARNING:  Try not to be eating or drinking anything, you may have trouble breathing.

It is a really sad thing that I looked back at Anglo Fan Favorites 2013 and cheered mightily... because Ben got third place!  Tom Hiddleston won first place (just like 2012), and Alan Rickman came in second.

STID actors:  Heard about the neutron cream yet?  No?  Here's the final installment from Karl Urban.  If you hadn't heard about this, neutron cream splashed the InterWebs after Simon Pegg took that same picture of Simon and Ben.  Creamed.  Simon on Jimmy Kimmel about pranking Ben and Chris Pine!

Spoiler for s2:  Another reason to love Lestrade... from Scandal.  8D

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mystrade... Johnlock... fave fic!

I think I love this image far more than it deserves... considering that I absolutely adore this Mystrade series/writer, kavzl.  Because of amazing writing.  Thus far.  I still don't ship in SH either.

Image from tumblr... of course the very silly (Things That Will Happen) Before (Sherlock) Series Three.

Recently recommended:  Another Man, a Mystrade and Johnlock fic by Trillsabells (Twitter).  The masterpost of her Sherlock fic also includes one of Cabin Pressure!

Her s2 Mycroft in Do you ever think there's something wrong with us? may rip your heart out, if you love Mycroft.  And Mystrade.

Trills does a very cute fluff piece too, The Common Cold; very light on Johnlock.  Next is Sherlock at his worst...  Well, almost worst.  The 15:06 to Totnes is sooooooo Sherlock!

Hmmm, I think Mystradedoodles may've found me another nice source of SH light-on-shipping fic.  Bless her.

Monday, August 26, 2013

And yet more setlock.

Yes, I cheated; I actually posted this safelock pic instead of linking.  It is the mildest setlock/safelock you'll see.  Damned cute -- Ben in costume, posing!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fans on set; and the Moff speaks.

Awww!  What fans say about setlock and the show... But this links to my other setlock s3 posts for you instead.  8)

There Will Be No Sherlock Without Cumberbatch and Freeman, or, to my joy:  Sherlock's NOT a franchise, saith Moff!

From Radio Times:  Sherlock: Why we love Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, by the fans

Radio Times has only two pics... very mild setlock.  The other link is just good news.  Yay, Moff!  I'm glad the show will never be a franchise.

Thanks so much, Radio Times and the PopWrapped tumblr, you darlings!

And to my amusement, sounds like the RT interviewer was completely floored -- in a good way! -- by "Cumbercookies equal a Cumberbatch".

PSA: There is no s3 airdate... YET.

Until it's announced by Sue, or the Beeb, or Mark Gatiss... PLEASE do not go spreading any so-called airdates.

If you don't ask Sue or Mark, go check with Baker Street Bakes (tumblr or Twitter) or Sherlockology (website or Twitter).  Either group would know if Sue, Mark, or the BBC has said anything.  Really they would.

I know we all want Sherlock s3 yesterday.  Or even the day before.  But please... give Team Sherlock time.  They have to finish everything!  Production takes more time than just filming.

Turn your energies to converting more people to Sherlock.  Thank you, fellow Sherlockians.  Just remember we are all waiting... together!