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Friday, August 30, 2013


Cumberbatched:  Lovely photoset off tumblr, looks like two different photo shoots.  Here's his SPUR photoshoot and synopsis!

We all know those, uh, name variants, don't we?  The evolution of BC's name.  WARNING:  Try not to be eating or drinking anything, you may have trouble breathing.

It is a really sad thing that I looked back at Anglo Fan Favorites 2013 and cheered mightily... because Ben got third place!  Tom Hiddleston won first place (just like 2012), and Alan Rickman came in second.

STID actors:  Heard about the neutron cream yet?  No?  Here's the final installment from Karl Urban.  If you hadn't heard about this, neutron cream splashed the InterWebs after Simon Pegg took that same picture of Simon and Ben.  Creamed.  Simon on Jimmy Kimmel about pranking Ben and Chris Pine!

Spoiler for s2:  Another reason to love Lestrade... from Scandal.  8D

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