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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Fandom warning...

Amused.  A friend of mine, who knows how deeply Sherlocked I am, sent me this image.  I'm sure half of tumblr has seen it already.  "They should have put this warning on Sherlock" was the email's subject line.

Oh yeah... that's definitely the warning for Sherlock!

Pssst!  Martin's still behind at Anglo Fan Favorites and he's losing by nearly 13%.  

Ben's still doing pretty well (yay!), but Martin needs us to vote often and pass the word along.  Please vote every hour if you possibly can.  Do get your friends and fellow fans to vote too! 

Let's make Anglo Fan Favorites all Sherlock in 2013.  We can do this.  

Setlock group; some safelock?

More setlock -- some may be new, but I can't be certain -- and some safelock.  This is a mixed bag.  I may not have marked the safelock properly, so treat this whole batch as setlock, please.

Safelock:  Filming ep 1 in front of Baker Street.  Sherlock dressed for the cold (with new scarf?).

Sherlock running, and who's that behind him--?

Doesn't do disguises, eh?  Sounds like prevarication!

Sherlock reduced to--  "No autographs, please" says the smile... yet.  ;)  Made up for stunt scene in ep 1.

Setlock or safelock?  John's transport.  Smilelock! with fans, no costume reveal.  Posing outside Baker Street.

Really truly setlock.  I'm not kidding.  Many thanks to Silvia for reblogging!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Anglo Fan Favorites 2013!

So... here's the plan.  Let us sweep Martin into the next stage at Anglo Fan Favorites!

Benedict Cumberbatch is up against Magneto (Sir Ian) and, thus far, doing pretty well.

Sadly, Andrew Scott suffered a surge; he was matched with Matt Smith last round, and apparently Whovians noticed.

Now Martin Freeman is versus Matt Smith.  John and Bilbo; Martin's our Geek Prince, he should get to the semifinals!  He got third place in 2012 -- so we can do this!

Tonight Martin is behind Matt by around 10%.

So please vote and reblog and retweet and vote again!  You can vote every hour.

(Sorry, I do not watch New Who, so although I feel for fans who feel torn in this, I just want our Sherlock and John to win this round -- and the next too!  Which would mean they'd be against each other eventually, but we can't have everything.)

This round closes at 15-August-13 at 11am Eastern.  Thanks!!!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Happy Anniversary, BBC Sherlock!

I just saw A Study in Pink again, Tuesday night, 23-July-13.  I love our show... it's so quotable!  

Sherlock cross-examining John:  "A bit of trouble too, I bet..."  Oh God yes.

Sherlock chiding the cabbie.

John reminds Sherlock why it's not nice to call people idiots; they remember at opportune moments.  8)

Sherlockology reminds us that three years ago, on 25-July-2010, A Study in Pink was first aired.  How cool is that?  I like this response.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fandom is...

Fandom is that moment when you meet cast members from your show.

That moment when you're deeply excited for your friend... and maybe you're the only person in your house who knows why it matters so much.  Maybe there's other fans in your city or your town; maybe not.  Maybe that time I speak with you is the only time either of us has with someone who loves what we both love.

That's fandom too.  Just as this love letter to fandom is.