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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Happy Anniversary, BBC Sherlock!

I just saw A Study in Pink again, Tuesday night, 23-July-13.  I love our show... it's so quotable!  

Sherlock cross-examining John:  "A bit of trouble too, I bet..."  Oh God yes.

Sherlock chiding the cabbie.

John reminds Sherlock why it's not nice to call people idiots; they remember at opportune moments.  8)

Sherlockology reminds us that three years ago, on 25-July-2010, A Study in Pink was first aired.  How cool is that?  I like this response.

The Blind Banker was first aired three years ago, on 1-Aug-2010.   I watched it again on 30-July-13.  It's one I haven't seen as often as the rest.  Always ends up being last on my list to rewatch.

Then I'm surprised...  because TBB is good, it really is.  Watching it, I see where various bits of SH fan vids stole scenes from.  From the narcissism vid onward.  TBB is funny too, like all the eps are.  So many fabulous moments, quotable... you name it.  8)

Not as strong as the other eps, but still!  I think Steve Thompson was getting the feel of the characters more.  Probably he isn't as much a fanboy that Steven and Mark are.

The Great Game was first aired three years ago, on 8-Aug-2010.   It was my first SH ep, after it'd come out here in the States.  I almost got through another rewatch on 2-Aug-13, but got interrupted.  No matter; I have seen it many many times.  I'll try to do fan art specials for TBB and TGG when I can.  Later...

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