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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Setlock group; some safelock?

More setlock -- some may be new, but I can't be certain -- and some safelock.  This is a mixed bag.  I may not have marked the safelock properly, so treat this whole batch as setlock, please.

Safelock:  Filming ep 1 in front of Baker Street.  Sherlock dressed for the cold (with new scarf?).

Sherlock running, and who's that behind him--?

Doesn't do disguises, eh?  Sounds like prevarication!

Sherlock reduced to--  "No autographs, please" says the smile... yet.  ;)  Made up for stunt scene in ep 1.

Setlock or safelock?  John's transport.  Smilelock! with fans, no costume reveal.  Posing outside Baker Street.

Really truly setlock.  I'm not kidding.  Many thanks to Silvia for reblogging!

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