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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My stuff -- plus Team Sherlock links.

Everyone, if you have a tumblr account, I'd be much obliged if you could please post my London crowdfund link there.  And Bea has put it on her tumblr too; any reblogs are much appreciated!

I won't be at the BBC, so I cannot promise you any autographs from Team Sherlock, alas.

For fans of sf/f, Worldcon will have lots of authors present.  I can get their autographs.

I may bring this up a few more times, but I'd rather keep this blog for its usual purpose -- Team Sherlock.  I appreciate your patience, my dears.

So... back to Team Sherlock!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

My crowdfund to London.

If you hadn't heard about Ben's upcoming part as Classified in Penguins of Madagascar, then USA Today provides details.  8)

I'd hoped to see Ben in Hamlet, but alas, he's onstage in 2015, not 2014.  Must settle for him onscreen as the BBC's Richard III then.

Which brings me to my crowdfund, London: Magic Carpet Ride.

My best friend Bea is going to London this August.  To the Worldcon.

So I'm doing a crowdfund to get to London.  Would you help me out with my crowdfund?  Please spread the word.

I've also blogged about this on my main blog, because I explained a bit of what's going on with me there.