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Monday, October 14, 2013

S3 Setlock master post.

If, in the time between Sherlock series 3 airing and now, you find you long for setlock...

Then here you go:  my setlock tag will lead you to all my setlock posts.  I'm making this into a master post, which I'll hang on my sidebar.

Of course, many months from now, when they start filming series 4, that will mess this up.  But that's WAYYYYY in our future!  8)

First ETA:  In or around January 2014, I will hang all my s3 setlock posts in here.  I lost count a bit ago (ahhh, it's over 20 now) so expect a LOT.

Second ETA:  I added all the s3 setlock posts.

Note that these are in most recent order as of 29-Dec-2013.  If you want the first, go to the bottom.  Anything in parentheses means it has only a little bit of setlock inside, or is marked for being filmed while AT setlock [on set].

  1. More setlock. Because.
  2. Synopsis or setlock? You decide! [POSSIBLE SPOILERS]
  3. Recent s3 news! )
  4. I promised you setlock.
  5. Setlock, oh YEAH.
  6. Is there enough setlock? Nah.
  7. Ooooh, yes; setlock!
  8. Never ever enough setlock, eh?
  9. Oh, lovely setlock...
  10. Safelock, setlock, Cumberbatched. Problem?
  11. And yet more setlock.
  12. ( Fans on set; and the Moff speaks. )
  13. Scenes and other setlock.
  14. ( Political messages via setlock. )
  15. Setlock group; some safelock?
  16. Brand new setlock.
  17. Setlock alert: Filming ep3 now!
  18. Before s3, more setlock.
  19. Mostly but not all mild setlock.
  20. Of course we don't really know, it's setlock!
  21. Mostly light setlock... mostly.
  22. There she blows! More setlock.
  23. A taste of setlock.
  24. More setlock of various levels.
  25. Minor setlock and other pics.
  26. More setlock pics: Mild.
  27. Setlock pics.

*** What setlock is; my spoiler policy.

[If and when I can get a top-of-page tag working, I'll add that in here.]  Also, if I missed any s3 setlock posts, I'll try to add them in before whenever the hades s4 starts filming.  God knows when that will be!

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