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Saturday, May 4, 2013

More setlock of various levels.

More setlock, in fact, that day when they were filming and the street was packed with fans.

NOW...  this is your chance to stop here.  Some of this may upset you, keep you up late, make you seek more setlock, spend hours on tumblr, and so on.  The most upsetting bit (for some fans) is at the end.

That guy.  You know... HIM.  Yeah, that guy.  That guy behind someone unexpected!

Someone dancing a jig.  Looks a little cold.  8)  I still love it.

I think Ben is showing off here, but maybe he's just messing with Martin.  I like the caption though.  :D  Plus deareje's tumblr is a major source of setlock, in case you're wondering.

A different view of our John during RF [done as fan art].  Hrm.

Consider this both a spoiler zone AND a possible stress zone for many fans.  This is your warning!

Hm.  Of two minds here, since we got The Three Words, but some are taking them quite badly.

A stealthier view of Sherlock... through a window.  Not dressed as usual, are you, Sherlock?

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