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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Audio and awards, etc.

Good news!  Benedict won that poll for Best of 2012!  By over 24k votes.  We are mighty, fandom!!!

Sherlockology points out that New Year's Day is the first anniversary of s2e1 Scandal.

Sherlock was nominated for the 2013 PGA Awards.  And for the Golden Globes on Sunday, Mycroft, uh, Mark Tweeted.  Then Cumberbuddy reported on Benedict's evening.

Benedict and various others did readings at Story of Christmas.

PBS plans to air a documentary in late 2013 called How Sherlock Changed the World.  Note that they mean the character "Sherlock Holmes" and not BBC Sherlock.

Last month Martin Freeman said Sherlock is "one of the best written" things he's worked on.  :D