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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Fan vids; I Love Speedy's fan vid; Hamlet sale Monday!

Sherlock / Moriarty - When You're Evil by Sandy Quan

S1 and s2 with possible feels alert.  I was just amused by the song, which is very appropriate.  :D

These Boots I Made From You (Jim Moriarty + "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'") by MoonMouse... who has done other fan vids that I love, such as the Particle Man (Sherlock BBC) and "Birdhouse in Your Soul" fan vids.

A lovely instrumental (s1) vid that I adore:  Your Love Is My Drug - Sherlock by Lemon Swordfish

I've posted the latter several times too.

Also, if you're in London tomorrow, join the Baker Street Babes for this project!  

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Cabin Pressure pics; Terry Pratchett.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Team SH from January.

May be things you didn't know...

Well, I certainly didn't know this!  I feel bad that I didn't wish David happy on his actual birthday (I found out a week or more later).

Sunday, March 8, 2015

SH fandom petition; CP con and more!

Good things for Sherlock fandom and the fandot... or in the immortal words of the Firefly fandom:  Can't stop the signal.

First, a petition asking the BBC to put the Sherlock 2014 special ep on the big screen worldwide was started by German fans.

And there's a Cabin Pressure con in Berlin.

Wanna see how far this screening petition goes?

The second such con, in fact.  8)  Looks like it travels -- just like the lemon!

TGG and that painting.

Can we just take a moment to consider how LONG it took Dear Jim to plan The Great Game?

Painting an oil painting takes time.  Imitating a master -- in such a way to successfully complete a forged painting -- takes time too.  A considerable amount.  The little old man mentioned in the show had to adjust his style to properly imitate what he meant to paint.  He'd make some sample paintings.  It wouldn't be something that took a few days.

Doing a successful forgery is complicated.  For the purposes of the show, they did some handwaving over how experts would be testing a painting, researching it, comparing it to past paintings, etc.

(Okay, let's be honest, they did a LOT of handwaves.  Realistically any specialist would have looked at the artist, his life, and what he was reputed to paint, and they'd've known long before SH that it was a fake.)

Let alone the other things, like the bribes.  Sure, Jim probably invested a lot of bribes.  He couldn't bribe everyone.  But he could bribe enough people for a short-term scam to work out.  Sort of.